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You can create audio playlists and apply playlist to any presentation slide using the enhanced Presentation Explorer interface. 

  1. To create a new playlist, click Manage Playlists in the Playlist menu. The new Playlists window will open up.

  2. In the Playlists window, click New and type in the name of a new playlist. Click OK

  3. Then, you can add tracks to your playlist. Just click the Plus icons on the right and navigate to the audio files on your computer that you want to add to your playlist. You can add .wav, .mp3, and .wma audio files.

  4. Once you added some audio files, you can manage your playlist by clicking the icons on the right from the files list.
    • Move the selected tracks up and down, listen to the tracks and delete unnecessary tracks from the list. 
    • Adjust the audio volume to the comfortable level in the Background audio volume field.
    • Select the checkbox Loop playlist if you want to repeat playback of the selected playlist. Click Close when you finish setting playlist preferences.

Now, if you want to apply a playlist to a slide, select the slide and choose a playlist for it. You can select multiple slides and share one playlist with all of them.


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