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iSpring Converter Pro 8 has been improved significantly, now featuring enhanced narration editing capabilities and ability to send your presentations to iSpring Cloud sharing service.

Flash and HTML5 presentations created with iSpring Converter Pro are now made even more attractive. The detailed description of the new features is provided below:

Microphone Setup Wizard

With the new Microphone Setup Wizard, you can setup your mic and achieve the best sound when using the selected microphone type. See more here ->

Feedback on a Product

Leaving feedback on a product is now easier than ever. The fastest way to leave feedback is simply to click the Feedback button on the product toolbar.

iSpring Free Trial without Activation

Starting a free trial version of iSpring Converter Pro 8.1 doesn’t require a trial key. With this update, you get faster access to all the new features of iSpring Converter Pro. 

Open Sans Font in iSpring Players

Open Sans is now used in all iSpring presentation players, providing you with a fluent cross-platform experience. Previously, we used Arial.

iSpring Viewer is now iSpring Play

iSpring Viewer was renamed to iSpring Play. Starting from version 8.1, anyone who has the link can view your iSpring Cloud content with iSpring Play, download your presentation, quizzes and simulation for offline viewing without the Internet connection. 

Updated Audio Editor

The audio editor in iSpring Converter Pro 8 provides all the functionality you need to create an audio lecture fast and easy: noise reduction, cutting selected segments of the clip, adjusting the volume, etc.


Playlists for Background Music

Now you can create audio playlists and apply playlist to any presentation slide using the enhanced Presentation Explorer interface. Moreover, you can adjust background audio volume and use the Loop playback feature. 


New Preview Window

With the enhanced Preview window, you can preview the entire presentation or a particular slide on any device even easier. Just click the Preview button on the toolbar to check how it works.

Free Mobile App for iPhone

iSpring Play is a free app that allows users to save presentations and e-Learning courses right on their devices for viewing later, even without an Internet connection. Do you like iSpring Play on your iPad? Then you’ll love iSpring Play on your iPhone! Now, you can offer your users the option to open their courses right on their iPhones in a new and improved interface

The improved version of iSpring Play allows users to download a full list of content items simultaneously and still view a course at the same time in an adaptive "Miniskin” Player. 

Publishing Presentations to iSpring Cloud

By uploading your presentation to the Cloud, you open up four additional options to share your iSpring content: direct link, email, social media, and embed code. Plus, you can use iSpring Cloud as a secure content storage protected on multiple backup servers.

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