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As you start iSpring Visuals, you will see a Quick Start screen, which gives you access to the basic operations with the program. From this window, you can create a new interaction, open an interaction from the list of recent interactions, or choose to browse online resources devoted to iSpring Visuals.


If iSpring Visuals hasn't been activated yet, there will be a notification at the bottom of the window. After you activate the product, this notification will disappear.


Create New

This list contains four interaction types sorted by the last modified interaction.  Choose the type of the interaction that you want to create.

Recent Interactions

This pane shows a list of interactions that you have recently opened. You can also  click the Browse button and open an interaction, which is not listed in the recent documents.


This panel lists links to online resources devoted to iSpring Visuals: online help, community, and support. These links will open in your default web browser.

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