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You can incorporate Flash movies to your interactive projects.

Adding Flash Movies

  1. Click the Add Flash button on the toolbar or on the new snippet bar.

  2. Choose a Flash file in the standard Open dialog.

    The Flash movie will appear in the content pane. Now you can resize it, adjust its alignment, and move it.


Resizing Flash Movies

  1. Click a Flash movie to select it.

    You will see sizing handles (square dots) on the border of the selected Flash movie.

  2. Drag one of the sizing handles to change the size of the selected Flash movie.

    • Use sizing handles in the Flash movie corners to preserve aspect ratio of the selected Flash movie.
    • Sizing handles placed in the middle of Flash movie borders will change the Flash size only in one direction (modifying aspect ratio of the selected Flash movie).

Moving Flash Movies

You can drag a Flash movie to a desired location holding the left mouse button.
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