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The General tab allows you to specify the output of your interaction: title, destination, and composition.



Table 1. Destination Options
Interaction title            A title of your interaction.             
Local folder            A local folder where you want to publish your interaction to.


Table 2. Output Options


Desktop (Flash) Interaction will be converted into a Flash movie. You can view it in any browser with Flash plugin on any desktop operating system.
Mobile (HTML5)   Interaction will be converted into the HTML5 format. A great advantage of HTML5 presentations is that they can be viewed on any mobile device, including iPads.  
Combined (Flash + HTML5)    Interaction will be published as a "smart" package which can be successfully launched on both desktop and mobile devices.
Executable (EXE)    If selected, generates an executable (.exe) file with the Flash output. It can be displayed everywhere, even if you don't have the Flash Player installed. To view the interaction, run the .exe file in the output folder with the name that you specified while publishing.
Use iSpring ViewerSelect this checkbox to view an interaction on an Android tablet or iPad and allow users to store interactions locally for offline viewing.
Zip output   Select this checkbox if you want to publish your interaction as a ZIP archive.




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