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iSpring Visuals comes with a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor. It is incorporated in the Timeline, Directory, and FAQ interactions.

Note: The Book text editor differs from the default one.

Table 1. Text Formatting Options
FontWhen you start a new description, the default font will be Arial. But you can always choose a different font from the drop-down menu on the editor toolbar.
SizeTo change a font size, choose the new size from the corresponding drop-down menu.
StyleThere are three font styles you can apply to selected text - bold, italic, and underline. To change font style back to normal, select text and click the corresponding font style button one more time.
ColorYou can choose the font color using the corresponding drop-down menu.
AlignmentTo change paragraph alignment, click inside a paragraph to select it and then click the corresponding alignment button.
BulletsYou can quickly add bullets to existing lines of text. To do it, select the corresponding text and click the Bullets icon on the text formatting toolbar. To turn on/off automatic bulleting, click the Bullets icon and type in the text.
IndentYou can indent text or bulleted list by using the Increase or Decrease Indent buttons.

You can add hyperlinks to the text elements.

ImageYou can add multiple images to each interaction item.
FlashYou can add Flash movies to each paragraph.
VideoYou can add video files to each interaction item.


Moving Text Paragraphs

You can move paragraphs by dragging their handles (the leftmost part of the pane with three vertical dots).


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