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iSpring Suite 10 is the newest version of the iSpring Suite e-courses authoring toolkit. This new release stands out among all previous versions because it allows creating content both with the well-known desktop app and online — with the iSpring Space cloud service.

Develop complex multi-step courses, quizzes, dialog simulations, screencasts, and e-books. These kinds of materials are created using the functionalities of two powerful software programs: Microsoft PowerPoint and iSpring Suite.

Use all the iSpring Suite features and build a course that’s exciting to take:

    • Add audio and video narrations

    • Insert extra materials, like quizzes

    • Use presets provided by Content Library

    • Manage presentation resources, slide properties, and player settings

iSpring Space is a portal for storing materials created with iSpring Suite or uploaded from your PC and for creating microcourses that can be developed by a team of professionals. 

In iSpring Space, you can develop long, voluminous articles called pages and interactive online quizzes.

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