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iSpring QuizMaker 7 is a new major release introducing lots of new features.

Publishing to HTML5 and Combined Mode

iSpring QuizMaker 7 allows you to build quizzes in Flash, HTML5 or in the Combined mode (Flash + HTML5). Now, you can create quizzes that will be supported across multiple devices: computers, tablets and smartphones.

Experience API Support

Publish quizzes that support Experience API to get more information and feedback from your eLearning materials. iSpring gives you the chance to take all advantages of the emerging xAPI learning technology.

Save/Recover State of a Quiz

Thanks to extended functionality of the “Resume” option, you can start taking the quiz on one device and continue completing the quiz on another one, with progress saved.

Updated Quiz Editor

iSpring's quiz editor has been updated to provide more flexible and user-friendly quiz authoring. The new interface remains very easy to learn and use, while offering many new features.

Designing Quiz Layout

Now it’s up to you where quiz elements – questions, images, answer choices – are located. Be creative!

Building Custom Themes

You can make your quiz look and feel exactly the way you want. Customize the fonts in your theme, change theme background, add images to make it look more personal.

Advanced Player Customization

Ensure the perfect look of your quizzes on all devices. You can flexibly customize the new player to prepare your HTML5 and Flash quizzes for convenient playback on desktops, laptops, Android tablets and iPads.

Question Groups

Groups of questions can be very useful if your quiz includes sets of questions on several different subjects.


Questions Linking

You can better control quizzes' playback by linking questions together or attaching them to the beginning or the end of your quiz.

Locking Answer Choice Position

You can randomize the answers in the Multiple Choice or Multiple Response question still having certain answer options locked in their position. It is useful when one of the choice is 'Other' or "No Answer" that is usually added at the end of the list.

Feedback and Branching by Answer

By customizing branching scenarios and feedback messages, you can make great interactive quizzes with non-linear navigation. Now, you can add custom feedback messages and set up        branching depending on user answers.

Enhanced Multimedia Settings

QuizMaker's advanced multimedia settings allow you to play audio in the background, turn off video controls and more.

Time Limit for Questions

You can set the allowed time to answer a question. After the time runs out, the question will be automatically submitted with the selected answer.

Penalty for Incorrect Answers

Instructors have the ability to deduct points for incorrect quiz answers. Negative points may be used in all types of questions in graded quizzes.

Questions Import from Excel

iSpring QuizMaker lets you import questions from an alternative source. If you have a ready question database, just import your questions from an Excel file instead of having to re-enter all the information again.

Animation Effects for Answer Choices

Apply various animation effects to answer choices if you want to draw users' attention.  You can choose effect options, specify the start time and length of an animation.

Request information from the course takers

The Quiz Taker Form allows to collect detailed information on a person who is going to take your quiz.

Using Variables

The info you have collected with the Quiz Taker Form can be saved in “Variable” and used both in the quiz and in the quiz report.


iSpring QuizMaker will help you find and correct spelling mistakes in your texts. Support of custom dictionaries allows to add various dictionaries including idioglossaries.

Viewing the quiz on various devices

The updated Preview mode allows you to preview the quiz in a variety of modes: on mobile device, tablet or desktop.

Uploading source files to iSpring Learn

When publishing the project, you can upload source files to iSpring Learn. It allows you to collaborate with your colleagues while working on the project.

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