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This window contains options that will be applied to each question by default.

Note: You can apply custom settings to each question. Unselect the Use default options checkbox in the Options pane.




Specify how many points are awarded for each question


Specify how many negative points will be subtracted from the total amount of points a user earned


Choose the number of attempts to answer a question

Shuffle answers

Select this checkbox to shuffle answers in a quiz

Allow partial answer

Select this checkbox to count partial answers to questions

Allow user to skip survey questions

Select this checkbox to let users skip survey questions

Limit time to answer the questionsSelect this checkbox to set the time limit to answer a question.

The options below are used to configure the feedback window which can be displayed after a user answers a question.


Provide feedback for graded questions

Select this checkbox to enable notification messages for graded questions

When answer is correct:

Type a message to be displayed if a correct answer is given

When answer is incorrect:

Type a message to be displayed when the answer is wrong

When answer is partially correct:

Type a message to be displayed when the answer is partially correct

Apply to all

Click this button to apply the message to all questions in a quiz. Custom feedback messages will be overwritten.


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