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iSpring QuizMaker offers an easy way to make your quiz more effective. With iSpring Viewer, you can access your quizzes on a wide range of devices, including iPads and Android tablets.

To view a quiz on tablets, mark the following options when publishing for Web:

  1. Select the Use iSpring Viewer checkbox.
  2. Next, upload your published quiz to any web site and share the link to the quiz with your users.
  3. Then open the quiz link in the browser on your tablet. You will see the screen with the Launch button.
  4. Tap Launch to view your quiz in the iSpring Viewer app.

If the application is not installed on your device, you’ll be asked to download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


To start quiz playback, select a quiz in the list and tap the Play button.

If you view a quiz on your Android device, click the quiz thumbnail in the Library list.

You can access quizzes even when you are offline. To download a quiz for offline viewing, move the Offline Viewing slider to On. For Android devices, click the 'i' icon on the quiz thumbnail and switch on the 'Available online' slider. If you change the slider back to Off, the offline copy will be removed from your device.   

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