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In this area, you can arrange the order of submitting questions and create a pool of questions.



Choose one of the preset profiles from the drop-down menu:

  • Linear / Branched Scenario
  • Submit all at once
  • Random Order
  • Custom
Submit one question at a timeChoose this option to receive a feedback message right away.
Submit all at onceChoose this option to receive total points at the end of the quiz.
Allow users to finish without answering all questionsSelect this option if you want to allow quiz takers to interrupt a quiz. If you clear this checkbox, quiz takers will have to complete the quiz before they are allowed to finish it.

Include all groups from the quiz

Select this checkbox to present all groups of questions of your quiz to quiz takers (as opposed to showing a random groups).

Select random groups

Use this option to create a quiz with a pool of questions. When selected, only a specified number of groups will be presented to a quiz taker (as opposed to showing all the questions).  In this case, you can add as many questions to your quiz as you want; every quiz taker will get the same specified number of different questions.

Shuffle questions from selected groups

Select this checkbox to randomize questions' order.

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