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To add a group of questions to your quiz, click Question Group on the QuizMaker toolbar.

A new group will be added to the list of questions. The new group does not contain any questions by default. Once a new group of questions is created, you can add questions to the group, duplicate the group, and adjust individual group settings.

On this page:

Renaming Question Groups

To change the name of a question group:

  1. Select a group in the Questions pane
  2. Click the name of the question group or the Edit icon
  3. Specify a new name of the group in the pop up window
  4. Click Save to apply and save changes

Duplicating Question Groups 

To create a copy of the existing group:

1. Select a group in the Questions pane

2. Copy the selected question group using one of the options below:           
  • Right-click the group and choose Copy from the drop-down menu
  • Choose Copy in the Clipboard group on the toolbar
  • Press CTRL + C combination on your keyboard
Paste the copied group. A duplicate will appear below the selected group.

Moving Groups

You can rearrange groups order in the list by dragging the groups in the list or using Move Up and Move Down in the context menu.


Deleting Groups

To delete a selected question group:   

  • Press Delete on your keyboard
  • Right-click the group name and choose Delete Group in the drop-down menu.

Note: To delete multiple groups, select them while holding CTRL or SHIFT keys and perform one of the delete actions above.
There should be always one group in the list of questions. Last group cannot be deleted.  
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