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iSpring QuizMaker allows to control the order of questions in quizzes depending on students' answers.

To enable branching for a given question:     

  1. In the Questions pane, select a question you want to set branching for.
  2. In the Feedback and Branching tab, choose the Branching type "By Question".
  3. Specify what to do for each outcome of a given question (correct, incorrect, partial answered).

    • Next question - a user will be shown the next question in a quiz.
    • Finish a quiz - a given quiz will be finished, a user will be taken to the Results screen.
    • Specified question - a user will be taken to a specified question.
    • Beginning of Group - a user will be shown the first question of the group.
    • Random Pool - a user will be shown the first question of the randomized group.
Note: If branching has been disabled in Quiz Properties, you will be prompted to click a link to enable it right on the Feedback and Branching tab.

Enabling branching in your quiz will automatically disable the following options:

  • Passing score in points
  • Randomize questions order
  • Show subset of random questions
  • Allow users to finish without answering all questions
  • Submit all at once

To disable branching for a question:

  1. Select a question in the Questions pane.
  2. On the toolbar in the Branching drop-down menu, choose "Disabled".

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