iSpring for Digital Signage: Authoring Made Easy

iSpring PowerPoint-based authoring tools are the rapid, cost-effective solution for creating high-impact Digital Signage content.

In today's competitive digital signage market, iSpring can boost the creation and production of engaging content. For all educational, advertising, entertainment or informational content, iSpring makes it easy to create, manage and reuse your artwork.

iSpring's ability to rapidly create attention-grabbing messages is a great contribution to any digital signage solution. iSpring authoring tools are based in PowerPoint and enable the rapid creation of engaging digital signage content in the familiar PowerPoint environment.

In this way, iSpring gives you the ability to quickly create digital signage content, ready to be delivered at the right time. iSpring eliminates the cost of Flash development and is very easy to use, which gives you more time to focus on your content’s quality.

iSpring Highlights

  • Rapid content authoring tool for Digital Signage
  • Works as add-in for PowerPoint
  • Compatible with PowerPoint 2010/2007/2003
  • Converts PowerPoint animations, graphics, appearances, video and audio
  • Supports custom aspect ratios
  • Allows resizing and scaling
  • Includes highly customizable players or no player
  • Creates content in universally
    viewable Flash format

Rapid Digital Signage Authoring

Enhanced PowerPoint facilities. While PowerPoint provides a wide range of flexible, powerful and easy to use facilities for the creation of compelling presentations, iSpring enhances them with audio recording and synchronization, advanced presentation playback control and Flash content creation. The iSpring-created Flash output can be easily scaled and fitted for virtually any display type used in your digital signage network.

Dynamic content creation. Make digital signage content truly dynamic by incorporating graphic effects of the presentation with an external video, Flash movie or YouTube video that can be easily inserted into PowerPoint with iSpring.

Advanced customization. iSpring offers full customization of the size, scale, playback and navigation of the final Flash movie – you even can add a company logo or brand label. iSpring comes with 10 player templates that allow you to customize the navigation or leave the presentation without action buttons.

Unique PowerPoint to Flash technology. The unique iSpring AccuPoint technology provides best-in-class PowerPoint to Flash conversion quality, putting iSpring one step ahead of similar tools. iSpring AccuPoint takes care of all PowerPoint animations and transition effects, text, styles and appearances while retaining the crisp look of the graphics and embedded media.

iSpring Solutions for your Digital Signage Business

iSpring offers two types of solutions: desktop iSpring Converter Pro and server-side iSpring SDK. This means that iSpring rapid authoring tools are affordable for both small and enterprise digital signage providers (as well as owners of digital signage marketplaces).

iSpring Converter Pro

PowerPoint add-in to create web-ready Flash and HTML5 presentations with voiceovers and customized players.

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iSpring Platform

Comprehensive PowerPoint to Flash development kit to run PowerPoint presentations within your application.

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Why iSpring?

As an outstanding authoring tool, iSpring is the preferred choice of leading digital signage companies. iSpring, focused on constant development, is committed to providing new ways to enhance digital signage with rich-media innovations. iSpring's AccuPoint technology for PowerPoint to Flash conversion is the global leader in its category. It provides the optimal method for increasing productivity and reducing the content development cycle for digital signage businesses. With iSpring, you get the most cost-effective and trouble-free solution on the market which takes full advantage of the latest multimedia technologies.

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Brent Folger

Brent Folger

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“If I had to describe iSpring in just one word... AMAZING! I love it because I can take my powerpoint and turn it into a Flash movie in minutes”

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