Mario Dehter


We produce e-learning content for entrepreneurs and organizational developers training. Our customers are public organizations providing support of technology-based training programs of new private companies and Universities. After an intensive analysis of all the tools for audiovisual content creation that currently exist on the market, we have chosen to incorporate iSpring Pro into our business due to two key reasons: 1) the enormous flexibility offered both to the author and the audience, and 2) the iSpring support that is always responsible, fast and effective.

Dr. Hartmut Hildebrand

Managing Director, Kreativitaet und Wissen, Germany

Our German company is busy in producing books, e-learning-films and -contents.
We are publishing medical e-learning videos and youtube-films in flash and html5.
I tried different - and more expensive - powerpoint to flash software spending a lot of money AND TIME (... time ... time) without convincing results.
Things changed by discovering the iSpringPresenter7 software.
Its by far the best programmed e-learning powerpoint to flash or html5 software I was working with!
Easy to handle, time saving, best results!
Not to forget: As good as the programm developers is the technical support team: After a Computer crash my cry for help via E-Mail was answerd within an hour - and all problems are solved. Friendly, competent, straightforward.
Formidable piece of software, formidable technical support.
Five Stars and Thumbs up for the iSpring e-learning solution.

Barbara Armstrong

President, Armstrong & Associates, Inc.

As owner and president of a medical case management company, I do a great deal of medical presentations and often times have large anatomy .jpegs and animations. I have been using PowerPoint for over 10 years and as PowerPoint has added more and more capabilities the size of my presentations have become difficult to download to web sites. I was looking for a way to make my entire presentations smaller, smoother and user friendly to those who view them online. I found iSpring by accident while searching the internet and used the "demo" version. I was extremely impressed with the product. It was so easy to use, and required no Flash knowledge. While putting together a presentation, I made an error and the program automatically asked me to send the error log to the company. In less then 12 hours I got an e-mail from the company offering to fix the problem. I was most impressed! A company that believes in customer service and I was using a free demo!!! Thank-you iSpring team for a terrific product.

Tim Atkinson

Executive Director, Imago Relationships International

At Imago, we train people around the world on relationships. We can’t always be with them to deliver the presentation, but iSpring provides the next best thing. What I love is that I can sit in-front of my computer and deliver the talk as I click through the slides. It’s as easy as that. With one more click I can create a flash presentation, that people can see and hear everywhere, anytime.

But wait! There’s more. My audience doesn’t have to sit and listen to me talk through every point if they don’t want to. They can quickly scan the slides, and choose the parts they want to listen to most. So there’s that feeling they get of being in control too, which gives a sense of being interactive. Nowadays when I run a teleseminar, I don’t use the time on the phone to deliver material, I just send them an iSpring presentation in advance. That means I can use all the time on the phone in discussion with people, and that deepens the connection and interactivity that I believe is essential to learning.

Matt Steinruck

Associate Director of Marketing, American Bible Society

iSpring blew me away with how seamlessly it converted a very complex presentation. I ran it on a file that included non-linear links on slide masters, audio and video links and custom animation, and it worked like a champ right out of the gate.

I had one minor hiccup, and the technical support was responsive and knowledgeable in helping me finalize the output. The presentation worked on the web with no problem, and solved months-worth of hassle trying to deliver this complex PowerPoint file to a broad audience. Highly recommend.

Frank Natt, CSO

Health and Safety Manager, Morrison Homes - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In times of economic turmoil, I realized that I had to find a better training solution for our staff that met the intent of Provincial legislation. I tried several different options. Most notably, Adobe Captivate 5, Adobe Presenter, Articulate Presenter and Pointecast Publisher.

The last option that I tried was iSpring Presenter. In terms of "user friendliness and ease of use, iSpring Presenter has all comparable products beat "hands down"! I was able to create cost-effective eLearning training solutions for only a fraction of the price of the previously mentioned products!!

Thanks iSpring!

John Bevan

Client Liaison Manager, Asia, m62 visualcommunications

As a company that is constantly pushing PowerPoint graphics and animation to its limits, we have been searching for many years for a product that could allow us to showcase our approach to presenting on our website. iSpring is the only product out there that achieves almost 100% faithful conversion of even the most complex animation sequences, along with incredible ease of use, extensive customisation options and world-class technical support. Simply, it's given us publishing options I never dreamed of.

AL Martinoski

Hi, my name is AL and my wife is Pat. We have a in-home business. The name of our business is Health and Wealth Enterprise. We do business all over the world so we need a web site that can be user friendly. I developed a power point presentation and wanted to show it on my website but how do you show a power point on the web. Very easy you use ISpring's. Not only was I able to upload to my website but I was able to add my audio presentation. Now I'm in the process of building my organization and I can show them how they can use this system. The return for using a system like this is priceless.

Eduard Julius Hajek, CEO


For 5 years now, I have been using iSpring to provide presentations and training material online. Clients can watch the presentations regardless of whether they are using a PC, a Mac, a laptop, a smart phone or any tablet device. Confidential presentations are protected by password, so my clients can grant their customers individual access. Trying to send extremely large PowerPoint files by e-mail is a thing of the past. And you can be sure: All complex animations and high-resolution videos will be presented smoothly. There is no more worry about whether or not the client's device can handle that big presentation. Thanks so much for saving time and effort!

Luciano Guedes

We are always looking for good solutions for our clients have the best results in their communication.
Between all products in the market, today we are sure to say that iSpring Pro 7 is a definitive solution for our customers and for us.
If you need to use internet, iPad or Android as presentation device, it is the best! Just try it and take your own comclusions.

Martin Iwinski

Elearning Developer, Learning and Education, Human Resources, Economical Insurance®

We have been using iSpring for several years now. It’s truly an amazing product and our developers constantly find new uses for it. We use it to share presentations online and on our intranet, render browser-friendly videos for various uses, including eLearning, intranet sharing, and online resources. iSpring is a very versatile product that keeps getting better and better with every new release. It’s easy to use since it’s integrated in PowerPoint, letting new users feel comfortable right away. Recently I had an issue with my iSpring product and the support to troubleshoot was fantastic, timely, and resolved my issue. Keep up the great work!

Abdelouahed OULGOUT

We are pleased to note our satisfaction with the standard of service offered to us by  iSpring team. iSpring amazing software has always been of great utility and importance to our ICT educational project. iSpring tools make it possible for us to equip our computer applications and online platforms with professionally-looking, interactive and multimedia learning materials which activate our students’ desire for online learning. Thanks to iSpring we and our students are really satisfied with the way we are doing things, and it is our pleasure that we share such a feeling with the community of teachers here in Morocco.

Antonios Agaoglou

Teacher in Primary School of Oia, Santorini, Greece

After having used iSpring software in class over the last two years, I can say for sure that it is simply the best Powerpoint to Flash/HTML5 converter and the easiest way to produce very appealing quizzes. It keeps all the transitions and effects from Powerpoint, as well as the audio and video, with no loss in quality. In addition, the files exported are of small size and do not take much space in my ftp! The software is very reliable and cooperates perfectly with Powerpoint. The user interface is very friendly and doesn't require special skills.

It is a tool that every e-learning enthusiast should have!

Thank you, iSpring!

P.S. The friendly support team is responding very quickly to any email I have sent them!

Terry Reece

Senior Technical Writer Herndon, VA

Hi. My name is Terry Reece, and I'm a technical writer. I work for information systems contracting firms in the northern Virginia area.

Besides creating marketing collateral, user manuals, online help, and numerous types of system documentation, I also create computer based training (CBT) modules as part of my job. Much of my CBT work has revolved around PowerPoint because it is a readily available tool. So, I've become very comfortable using it. However, whenever one of my creations needs to be provided over the Internet, the usually means creating something based on Adobe Flash technology - a whole different set of challenges.

iSpring Pro and iSpring Suite made transforming my PowerPoint CBT modules into a Flash equivalent easier than I imagined. Also, the animations, sound, and interactivity of the original PowerPoint based CBT were transformed into an interactive Flash movie that was every bit as good as the original presentation, if not better.

I've tested at a number of PowerPoint to Flash conversion utilities, and iSpring is the only one that would reliably recreate the graphics, animations, sound, and interactivity features of my original PowerPoint CBTs. So, if you need to convert your PowerPoint presentation to a Flash movie, I recommend that you give iSpring a try.

Farookh Sensei

President - ISKKA'89, Brand Ambassador of WUKF for Asia

iSpring Presenter represents the Perfect Storm in the e-learning development world - ease of use, instructional effectiveness, and pleasant to the eye. The iSpring Presenter is a great fit for many of our training needs. It provides content owners and SMEs desperately needed authoring software in their own hands at an extremely competitive price, to easily create, publish, and update learning content. With Presenter and Quiz, working seamlessly together, but also brilliantly on their own, content owners and SMEs have no boundaries to allow their creativity to soar. The software is also backed by one of the best customer service-oriented teams I have ever experienced or heard of, representing what I value most: Competent, Communicative and Friendly

William from Houston, Tx

I have used iSpring's Powerpoint to Flash software for a few months now and could not recommend it MORE. If you are in any type of educational, presentation, or training field this is a must have. This software gives the user incredible power and range of customization. I had no idea it could do some things such as add audio to each slide so easily, or include a great search feature for your presentation. This and all of the customizable features were a pleasant surprise.

The price. If you are serious about having professional presentations that will make it look like you have a team of programmers working for you, then a few hundred dollars is well worth it. Don't be cheap. I've tried them all. This is the ONLY software that worked flawlessly, plus someone actually had some design skills for these templates.

As a tool for your business or what have you I rank it 10/10. It has done wonders for my online course.

Matt Roper

Design & Audio Technician, Eyeful Presentations Ltd

Here at Eyeful we've been fans of iSpring for some time now - we use a range of their products on a daily basis and can't praise them highly enough. They're key in us repurposing our own and our clients' PowerPoints into a range of different mediums, from web-based presentations through to engaging CD and DVD content. A great set of products... and the support is top notch too!

Brent Folger

PPC Management

If I had to describe iSpring in just one word... AMAZING! I love it because I can take my powerpoint and turn it into a Flash movie in minutes. Now I can take my powerpoints and INSTANTLY have them ready to be published on the web. It saves so much time and is incredibly easy to use. Oh and you'll love the Youtube video insert. You really need to give this a try. Don't wait! Get iSpring Right Now!

Lance Wynn

Tooele Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

We have had great success with the iSpring SDK API, we are very pleased with it, and with your service and support. You really helped us get our project back on track after the problems we had with a competitive product.

Denis Manson

Learning and Development Manager, Australian Helicopters

We are using iSpring and it's working well for our purpose. Congratulations on a good product. I have worked with some more complex products in the past, but for simple PPT to Flash conversion, I haven’t seen any better than iSpring. So easy to use.

Rakesh K. Kumar

Professor of Pathology School of Medical Sciences UNSW Australia, Sydney

In 2000-2001, I developed a series of 17 computer-assisted learning modules for senior medical students: these were fully hyperlinked, interactive "browse at kiosk" PowerPoint shows, with embedded audio, high-resolution images and linked video clips. The files were large, but they were effective learning tools, so for over a decade the Department of Pathology at UNSW distributed these to students on CD-ROM. We wanted to convert the modules for online delivery via Moodle to make it possible for our students to use the modules on any device. After some comparison testing, I settled on iSpring software as the most straightforward, compatible and cost-effective approach. This turned out to be a good decision, as the process was virtually painless, while the ease and speed of the on-the-fly conversion of audio and video for HTML5 web delivery were simply amazing. When I did need support, iSpring's responsiveness via email was superb. My colleagues and I are now planning to convert several lectures for online delivery (using intercalated quizzes and other built-in features of the software) so the Department has purchased additional licences for iSpring Suite. Working with iSpring software means that the only big issues we have to deal with are pedagogical rather than technical!

Michael Pacitti

DECOR magazine, Publisher

Testimonial: I was originally looking at a competitive Suite to use for my presentations. I decided on iSpring because of the many additional features within the program. I consider it an all-in-one for great professional interactive presentations. I use a lot of PowerPoint presentations and really like iSpring’s compatibility. I also tried the quiz module, which is easy to use and navigate around. I am very impressed with iSpring Suite.

Costin Tuculescu

CEO, InstantPresenter Web Conferencing

InstantPresenter.com takes pride in providing high quality, affordable web conferencing and video conferencing services. iSpring has helped improve our product by providing cutting edge PowerPoint to Flash conversion for use in our application. The iSpring team has been extreemly supportive and responsive, and I look forward to a strong relationship between our two companies. Thank you iSpring!

Alec Y. H. Liu

CEO, Global A. Enterprise, Inc.

I wish to thank you for your outstanding support and assistance to resolve my iSpring registration problem. Your performance with care, patience and knowledge is unparalleled by far as compared to any other support assistance I have encountered online. I also wish to share my experiences on the use of iSpring, it's easy to use and the quality is great. I highly recommend it.

Reinhard Weber

Telekom Austria AG

I'm using iSpring for producing Product training courses on our LMS System. Before iSpring the conversion took so far very much time up, now it's done in a few seconds! The quality of the generated Flash movies is perfect and the PowerPoint addin works stably and uncomplicatedly...

Sue James

BJ Seminars International

iSpring worked like a charm when installed into PowerPoint - very quickly and easily. This software is a very worthwhile program for anyone who works in education or the community sector considering if you regularly prepare presentations for conferences, classrooms or online courses. It is certainly an easy way to add Flash presentations to your website or as an enhancement to your stall at a trade show for example. All in all, as their promotion says, I found it to be “easy, fast and high quality”!

Kim Kaddatz

Windago LLC

I have just started making presentations for a real estate firm and looked for program that would allow me to covert from PowerPoint to a Flash presentation with ease. I also wanted the quality of the pictures to be retained! I downloaded several software trials and like the simple interface and quality of conversion that I found with iSpring. Even more important - I found a friendly, professional and responsive support system.

Here's an example: I wanted to use some of the animations provided in Powerpoint.
The version of iSpring I was using didn't handle all the animations PowerPoint provided.
I sent a note to the suggested iSpring contact. Imagine my delight when I received a reply within hours. The reply had a proposed solution It was prompt and personalized It solved my problem! I was asked to provide any additional feedback or suggest other improvements for further versions.

I will gladly interact with this group in the future as I expect to use their product for a long time and I decided to send them this testimonial to let them know I'd gladly recommend their product and their company to anyone looking to make fast PowerPoint conversions with high quality. Good work iSpring Solutions!

J. Tar

President, TIS Publishing, New York

Although we are a publisher with extensive technical knowledge, we were seeking a simple, cost effective solution to convert simple PowerPoint presentations to Flash. We tested a number of products before deciding to go with iSpring. Installation was simple and our few questions were answered quickly by the responsive on-line support staff. Our application was for a simple sideshow type presentation - nothing really fancy - just a way of presenting mainly text in a series of slides with simple navigation - forward, back, first, last. This tool was perfect and straightforward to install and apply.

We highly recommend this tool for anybody looking to make quick work of leveraging the PowerPoint skills they already have for publishing on the web in Flash format.

Iacopo Cricelli

CTO, Genomedics Srl

I have searched for a software like iSpring for several months. Without any success. iSpring engineering team followed my guidelines developing a custom solution that satisfied completely my needs. The team was brilliant, kind, rapid and follows through on their promises about features and delivery timing.

Steve Hagenlock

CTO, Popstar Networks

We find iSpring to be an ideal content preperation tool for our digital signage and kiosk products. The iSpring team has been very helpful and responsive to our unique needs in crafting a workflow solution that works well for both our clients and us. Kudos to Team iSpring for providing such a cost-effective and useful solution!

Alan Peterka

Kirkwood Community College

I am quite pleased with the iSpring product! I use it to support faculty in a distance learning program in the Midwest USA. It makes the inclusion of long, memory intensive Powerpoint presentations a much more student friendly experience. Faculty are amazed at how quickly I can transform their presentations! But by far the most amazing aspect of iSpring has to be the support I personally received when I first started using!

Rafal Glebocki

Educator & ICT Developer, Poland

Go mobile!
Nowadays we live globally – permanently connected to the Internet. No wonder that users of the virtual world demand high-tech solutions which let them be informed just in time. And what may constitute a recipe for an efficient rapid and mobile e-learning course? My suggestion is: prepare a solid PowerPoint presentation and convert it easily to HTML5 with usage of iSpring software, e.g. iSpring Suite 7. This will give you awesome opportunities of reaching your audience – wherever they are.

Hans-Dieter Stubben

CEO Bundes-Versorgungs-Werk e.V. Hamburg, Germany

As an expert in pension planning and an amateur in digital publishing, I didn’t have any problems with transferring a PowerPoint presentation into a full working html-file. All the links, custom shows and other controls were translated perfectly. Very helpful was the support from the iSpring team, which helped me very much digging deeper into PowerPoint and finding a few new tricks there. That was very much appreciated.

Christian Schett

Polytechnische Schule Bregenz, Austria

iSpring Pro 7 brings full HTML5-Support. And the results in HTML5 are really awesome. I’ve already used iSpring Converter and was satisfied about the results, but iSpring Pro 7 brings HTML5 to the next level. The fonts are clearer, the transitions are more smooth and – most important for me – on the iPad there are no representation errors!!! Awesome. What I really like is the marker tool. As a teacher I have many ideas how I can use this in my lessons on an interactive whiteboard. But there are a lot more new and enhanced features in iSpring Pro. Can’t wait to see the final release.

Dave Buechler

Author of the book “Heaven Lights – A Christian Paradigm”, Manchester, New Hampshire.

I am very pleased with the iSpring Pro version I use almost every day. I am generating a power point summary of my book “Heaven Lights – A Christian Paradigm” for on my www.heavenlights.com website. I have been using iSpring Pro for most of this year and find it easy every day to update and upload the latest version of my file to the web. It satisfies my need to incorporate bible verses with each slide so I put them in the notes and then they display along side of the slides. The layout is always perfect, displaying the slides exactly as developed. If you look at the website you will see jpg versions of many of the Power Point slides embedded on each web page. These are easy to update as the slides are changed. Great program!

I especially like the iPad app as I have the iPad Air and MINI and take the MINI with me everywhere I go as it fits in my pocket. I advertise my book by merely sending people the link to the summary file on the website, and it quickly downloads and plays well on their iPads.

Thanks for this program as it answered my needs for easy access to my power point file from my website, including display on iPads.

Nalin Dubey

Instructional Designer and E-Learning Architect New Delhi, India

I am a really big fan of the content protection features in iSpring. Setting a time before and beyond which a user cannot view the course plus the password and even the particular domain where it can be hosted... these are a few features one can only dream of. Piracy is a major concern for everyone today, especially when you decide to give away your digital material in hard copy. Even other major players like Articulate don't have this. Now I can give away my courses in CDs and DVDs with a complete peace of mind and no matter how many copies I sell, I still remotely have total control on my hard created content. Keep up the good work iSpring Solutions!

Doris Gonzalez

Founder of worldwide prayer websites:
www.prayer4priests.com, www.oracionporsacerdotes.com, www.cadenadeoracionviernes.com, Detroit, MI

My name is Doris Gonzalez. Years ago when we started to evangelize through the web, we had to find a way to share PowerPoint presentations with all our followers around the world. This was a serious challenge because of the size of the file and the complex animations that our presentations contained. We tried different PP to Flash converters but couldn’t find a better one than the product offered by iSpring. Today, we need to make sure that the PowerPoint presentations are not only viewable on different browsers but also on different hardware operating systems, e.g. Android tablets, iPad, iPhones, etc. For this new challenge, we’re happy to say that our clear choice is iSpring Pro 7 (PPT-to-Flash and PPT-to-HTML5 converter). God bless the iSpring Team for their product development skills.

Joaquim Nabona

MD, Barcelona (Catalonia; Spain; Europe)

As a medical doctor, I have been trying to provide my private surgery with a didactic dynamic website, which really showed its spirit to the public.

Long ago I conceived the idea to create an original, unique, simple, artistitic, whole-souled, hand-crafted designed, unsophisticated, ads free website.

I only knew that PPT did offer to me the necessary creative tools for my project. Finally I have discovered that iSpring Pro 7 allows to publish easily to Flash & HTLM 5 format every in PPT entirely created website and to view it on all platforms and devices, and you may now evaluate the work!

Renaud Duval

Owner, Educamia.org,
Paris, France

Ispring Quizmaker is a remarkable software to create professional online test and quizzes. We have started to use Ispring Quizmaker2 years ago after having tested several similar software. But none was as good as Ispring Quizmaker. Ispring Quizmaker offers a simple yet complete Online Test creation software. It delivers a great user interface both when creating the test and when actually passing it. We are working in International Education; I would really recommend Schools, Colleges and Universities to use Ispring Quizmaker for test purposes and also for student and agent surveys.

Version 7 offers 2 main improvements: bulk test import and html5 export. We have tested bulk test import from excel. It is easy and now allows you to create professional online tests in a minute. Html5 output format lets you produce online test for mobiles or tablets.

Dr. Tushar Maniar MD

Author, OSCE Pediatrics, www.oscepediatrics.com, Mumbai, India

OSCE Pediatrics is a learning resource for pediatric resident doctors. We have been using iSpring Suite software to convert power-point to Flash format, put Quiz and use interactive tools for teaching.

With increasing use of mobiles and Tablet devices, HTML 5 format is very useful. I was able to test iSpring Presenter 7 "Trial Version" to create HTML5 format with great success.

THANKS to iSpring, a pediatrician (with no technical training) is able to create and publish E learning material.

iSpring is SIMPLE, RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE and most of all it is backed by a GREAT SUPPORT team.

THANK YOU iSpring!

Jun Wang

Department of Economics and Management
Hunan Institute of Science and Technology

As part of the informatization program of universities of Hunan Province, I needed to find an effective way to build up my E-learning website.

No doubt, iSpring Presenter 7 is the best solution: simple, clear, flexible and beautiful. I’m deeply impressed by the first sight.

Purchasing iSpring Presenter 7 turned out to be one of my best shopping experience. The sales and support team, especially Valerie, are patient, kind and professional.

What surprised me the most is the convenience of payment. With PayPal account, payment for software abroad is as easy as buying stuff through Taobao and Alipay.

Eva Vahrenwald

Student of teaching for secondary school at the University of Cologne, Germany

My name is Eva and I’m a student of teaching for secondary school at the university of Cologne, Germany. I started working with iSpring Pro 7 as part of an assignment at the university. We were supposed to include e-learning units in lesson planning. Working with iSpring is as easy as working with Powerpoint and the results turn out to be just perfect! I now finished my third e-learning project with iSpring. Instructors who don’t know the program are highly impressed with the results! The students so far love working with little educasts – it’s learning and fun. They are able to work at their own pace and to repeat whatever and whenever they want. A great way of producing learning material that suits heterogeneous learning groups.

Jarco Smeenk


On my educational website for biology, students can view numerous exercises, practice tests and animations. I have found a tool with iSpring to convert my PowerPoint files easy to flash or html5 files, which are easy to embed in a website. With one mouse click iSpring makes professional looking animations, with the great advantage that the contents of the PowerPoints can not be downloaded. All (special) elements of PowerPoint are transformed without loss of quality and and files take up less Mb.

John Corden

A highly experienced yachtsman,
RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Instructor,
Short-Range Radio (VHF) Certificate Assessor
and Radar Instructor

Kipper Sailing trains professional and amateur yacht skippers to pass theory exams administered by the United Kingdom Royal Yachting Association. iSpring Presenter 7 has enabled us to develop lessons which teach complex navigation, meteorology, rules and regulations in a manner which maximizes student engagement and gets results. iSpring Learn provides us with a platform which not only allows the student and instructor to monitor progress but also with a way to sell and deliver our products simply and securely. Most importantly we receive fantastic, timely support from iSpring whenever we need help.

Robin Hills

Using iSpring products we have been able to enhance the audio-visual components of our workshops, Masterclasses and keynote speeches. We have produced interactive quizzes, animations and banners for our website that work on all devices and we are introducing e-learning programmes for our clients. There is still so much more that we can do with the software.

Not only is the software excellent but the support is very impressive! This is despite the differences in time-zone. Responses are received with 24 hours and nothing is too much trouble – even if it is just a simple error or oversight on my part!

David Farrington

General Manager
EziCal Small Business Solutions
0478 105 779

I would like to recommend iSpring products as the product gives a very good presentation and it is so easy to use.

The after sales service is exceptional.

I had minor issues with my computer and Vladimir went out of his way to help and no question was too small to be attended to in a very prompt and professional manner.

Jack Kammer

Director, Working Well With Men

One of the things I have found most impressive about iSpring -- besides its fabulous software -- is its ultra-responsive customer service. Over the past four business days I have been struggling to get things right with the customer service team of a software behemoth who shall remain name anonymous, except to say it is based near Seattle. Eventually they came through for me, but the experience has been very frustrating, inefficient and wasteful of my time and money. At the same time I had a request to make of iSpring. Presto, change-o. I needed only to write one brief email about my iSpring Pro account and in a matter of hours came a reply saying exactly what I had hoped and requested.

iSpring is nimble, flexible and has the kind of can-do attitude that small business owners like me who wear many hats find especially helpful and even essential in getting business done.

Andrei Dobre

I tested many software for lessons creation and realized that iSpring is the best! iSpring Presenter 7 is a solution that helped me author math lessons that I published on my website.

Now my students have the advantage to learn from anywhere using a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. At the end of each lesson any student can check the knowledge by taking a test that has intuitive design and looks very nice.

These lessons will be useful not only for my students, but also for students across the country.

Natalina Gallorini

School teacher

I'm a teacher and I use ppt in order to make lessons more motivating and endearing. I found iSpring by accident while I was looking for a way to share my presentation online with my students, on our class blog. It's great: easy to use, time saving and gives fantastic results.

Don't forget the support team: extremely kind end expert! I couldn't upload my file on Google Drive and they immediately helped me: thank you again!

John Ryynanen

Acus Learning Systems, LLC

As a small business just getting started, we don't have any extra money to throw around, and we have even less time. The iSpring Pro product has been wonderful to work with. It's affordable, it has all the features we need, and it's intuitive to use – it didn't take long at all to get up and running. Plus, their tech support is phenomenal. Every issue I have had with iSpring has been resolved quickly and thoroughly. The entire experience has been terrific.

V. Shelley, Singapore

Educator & Freelance Curriculum Writer

iSpring Presenter 7 is truly an amazing product. Anyone who needs a powerpoint add-on to create elearning courses can forget about trying anything else. This is the ONE. I’ve had the chance to try the other reputable authoring tools in the industry and I was blown away by their capabilities and the potential. However, I got lost in the massive complexity of their products, at the same time, also very disappointed with how some were unable to fully convert powerpoint to my satisfaction. To me, the deciding factor to purchase iSpring Presenter 7 as opposed to other brands was its capability to very easily produce presentable, attractive and customizable quizzes. Text boxes and buttons were automatically resized when text fonts were changed. I really did not have to manually adjust much to achieve a professional and satisfactory result. As a freelance curriculum writer, I do not have the luxury of technical support from IT experts, so an authoring software with a virtually zero learning curve is crucial to me. The support from iSpring Customer Support is also amazing beyond words. They work efficiently and accurately (just like their product), even for customers on their trial software. So, thank you iSpring Solution for your amazing tool!

Rachel Disselkamp

Association for Workforce Asset Management
Chief Learning Officer

iSpring has a simple, easy-to-use product for creating SCORM files, HTML presentations, and Flash videos, but that's not the main reason I am happy I went with them. Their customer and technical support is phenomenal! They have answered all of my questions in a timely manner on the phone or through email with careful instructions, images, and kind words. Unfortunately, you can't expect that (and won't get that) from many companies. If it's a question about SCORM or my LMS provider, they are still happy to work with me to find the answer. It's never "not our problem." You will always have questions, even with simple and easy-to-use products. So choose your content creator for their customer support, not on product or price alone.

Bruno Aletta

My name is Bruno Aletta. I am a teacher of Italian and history at a public secondary school (students from 14 to 19 years). I am an author of learning objects and I used to work for an Italian publishing house for school (LOFFREDO Publisher of Naples - Italy.) I am also a trainer. I train teachers on how to use the new technologies in teaching and students on how to improve their skills of knowing the language.

I have been using iSpring for about eight years, first with the permission of the publisher, then with my personal license.

It has been six or seven years that the Italian law requires that paper books must be integrated with materials online. I published many learning objects using iSpring in various forms: alone, integrated in html pages, in SCORM learning platforms and so on.

I am very happy because my learning objects had great success.

Stephen Gexler

Director, Target Learning, LLC

My name is Stephen Gexler. I am the Director at Target Learning, LLC, a nationwide seminar business.

My company is in the process of converting all on-site seminars to an online format. We tried other software programs (Captivate & Articulate) and found them to be overly complex and extremely time-consuming to use.

Therefore, we purchased iSpring Pro (more than two years ago) to see if it would meet our needs. iSpring’s software worked seamlessly with our existing PowerPoint slide presentations and the uploading process (to the Web) allowed our slides to be viewed on both desktop and mobile platforms without any extra coding on our part.

I also enjoy the frequent updates to their product that continued to improve the software’s functionality.

Paul Lalvani

Dean and Director at the Empower School of Health

My name is Prof. Paul Lalvani. I am the Dean and Director at the Empower School of Health.

At Empower, we provide public health education and training mostly to the non-profit and government sectors and in specialized technical areas. There is a huge need for skill development in these sectors in all corners of the world. However, our faculty could previously only address a small fraction of that demand through classroom programs.

That is when we decided to explore e-Learning technologies as a possible solution to our needs and came to know of iSpring through our LMS vendor. A quick check and comparison of iSpring products on the website aided by their knowledgeable sales representative helped us to zero in on iSpring suite 7.

iSpring has empowered us to quickly and cost-effectively develop impactful e-Learning content that makes even technical and complex subjects easy and interesting for the learners. We can now reach any number of students anywhere in the world.

We would recommend iSpring for all those who are trying to build e-Learning content as it is very user friendly and cost effective.

Boaz Argi

Freelance graphic designer at designbyba.com

My name is Boaz Argi. I am a Freelance graphic designer at designbyba.com.

We had a 500-page project, which we needed to convert to HTML5 for a client, and iSpring helped us getting this done seamlessly with a 100% accuracy. That was something we never expected.

We were searching for a third party that can do the job flawlessly and there is a good reason why they pop up at the top of the list every time you search for the keywords "PPT to HTML converter".

I'm happy I started with iSpring just because they are simply the best company with the best tool for the job. Real pros.

I recommend them and more important, the software they offer to anyone who wants to work with ONLY THE BEST out there.

Donna Huffman

Donna Huffman | McGohan Brabender Media Communications Specialist www.mcgohanbrabender.com

Since I was having serious issues with a leading software program and third party server used for a client’s new hire video/quiz project, I decided to find a new, professional, easy to use process that is engaging for the user. It had to be learned fast, with test files my boss and the client could review. It had to be something that would convince them that I found a solution. iSpring Solutions came up on the internet. It sounded interesting so I downloaded the trial versions of several programs. Being detail oriented, the Support and Sales staff at iSpring were getting emails from me almost daily, needing immediate responses. They blew me away with their quick and detailed responses. What really got me was they were not annoyed at my long, multiple questions. The responses were always pleasant, and friendly. Between them and the tutorials on the website I was able to put it all together. This went on for over a month, mainly because there were other projects that had to be put ahead of this one. What is the end result? The clients are very happy, and so is my boss, and so am I!

Being a video editor, I like the fact that I can create the videos in Premier Pro because I am used to it. Then simply insert them into PowerPoint and create the quiz. The quizzes are so easy to build and the options are much more fun for the new hire because they are not just yes/no, multiple choice. The client automatically gets a detailed report of each new hire’s results. Now we are also seeing other ways we can use this process internally and potentially for other clients. And I haven’t even tried the survey option yet.

I am a team player, always have been. iSpring Solutions is the team I want to be on!

Andrew Papageorge

Founder GoInnovate!

I grew up when personalized customer service was the key to business success. A lot of businesses speak to that truth but when it comes to delivering, well most of them fall short.

I have been working with the people at iSpring for nearly four years now. Each and every time I have had a question or customer service issue you quickly helped me so I could continue to be productive.

Although your products are easy to use and documentation is very thorough, what stands out for me is your customer service. You genuinely care for me, the customer.

Your company is a great blend of excellence in heart and mind.

Carsten Bonde Pedersen


My company HAS made use of iSpring products for nearly five years. I am impressed by the reliability of iSpring's products and not least iSpring's excellent customer support. I use iSpring products to produce easy-to-use presentations distributed on Insightview's website. I am looking forward to new products from iSpring.

Tan Fui Lin

Project Manager

We use iSpring for the conversion of PowerPoint slides to SCORM format for our e-Learning materials. iSpring is very easy to use. It is embedded in PowerPoint and the conversion is done easily with a single mouse click.

What impressed us the most is the dedication and prompt support iSpring has provided when we have been seeking clarifications pertaining to a scenario we encountered. iSpring has responded quickly and has tried to replicate the scenario on their end. When they couldn’t replicate the scenario, they have suggested to setup a remote session to login to our terminal to replicate the scenario. Due to the time zone differences, they have taken the effort to stand by in the wee hours for the remote session. Shortly a day after the remote session, iSpring provided a new build and it resolved our problem.

It has been a smooth and pleasant experience from the strong support received from iSpring.

Gabriel Migliarino

Director of Gmigliarino consultants

My name is Gabriel Migliarino. I am the director of Gmigliarino consultants.

Our company works with clinical laboratories and blood banks looking to obtain accreditation under the ISO 15189: 2012 standard or another regulation or standard involving technical competence.

Part of our work involves training the professional and non-professional staff of different hospitals.

We use iSpring Suite 7 to develop e-learning content. After having researched the market and trying others, we selected this tool to generate the training material.

The tool is extremely useful, practical and intuitive. Our customers are really satisfied with the material we have successfully developed through iSpring Suite 7.

I want to highlight the service and support we received. Each time we had some problems (due to our inexperience) we contacted the service support and they have responded in a timely manner, clearly and concretely offering application examples.

I'm really happy with the product and service.

Product and service are highly recommended.

Chris Demetsopoullos

Director of Materials Development

As a training content developer and instructional designer, I’ve used a number of content authoring tools. I have to say that for test/assessment/survey content, iSpring Suite is certainly the most complete and the best value-for-money. I can create excellent tests and assessments with a variety of question-types, and other interactive content. It has all the features and settings to ensure my content runs exactly the way I want it to. I have also found iSpring Support to be a first-rate service so I know that if I have a question or issue, it will be resolved promptly and efficiently. I would certainly recommend iSpring Suite to anyone who wants to create their own interactive tests and assessments.

Mike Cerantola

Production Manager Flash/HTML5 e-Learning A.D.A.M., Inc.

Been using it since version 7 has been in beta and I LOVE IT. Hope to see new features and wish you guys success! It's an awesome tool.

Lee E Devine

Program Administrator OpX program Dixie Applied Technology College

I am loving my new toy... Thank you so much for all the hard work that you do. I love idea that it puts HTML5 at my fingertips.

Dustin Bauman


iSpring is the most reliable, versatile and most powerful tool that truly convert all PowerPoint features, including triggers.

Leslie Cutter

Global digital marketing manager at Moxa Inc.

With iSpring Learn, when new people are coming on board, we assign them the training, they take it on their own time, and it's very convenient for everyone. Plus we have records of what people have taken and if they've completed the courses.

Donna Huffman

Media communications specialist at McGohan Brabender

They were overjoyed at how engaging this was and how it would save them time and money. Would you want to sit in front of someone for hours listening to them talk about boring insurance benefits, or watch a video at your convenience and take a fun, interactive quiz? It’s a no-brainer!

Junellen Neese

Corporate training manager at HealthHelp

We have updated our Agent and Nurse Update process to iSpring. This has provided us with the tracking we need for compliance audits, and our nurse teams have been able to reduce a lot of manual tracking.

Josephine Poelma

Executive director of learning and development at Oticon, Inc.

We have more than 300 courses available 24/7 on our learning portal. Employees can take training anytime and from any device. It’s extremely convenient for our field teams because they can continue their training anywhere, even on a plane with a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Jill Brown

Quality management coordinator at Villa St. Vincent

Employee retention is a strategic priority in our organisation. With iSpring Learn, our 90-day employee retention increased by 24% in the first four months. But what makes iSpring Learn really stand out is the people behind iSpring. The IT support is unparalleled.

Chris Hendricksz

CEO at FYMCA Medical

With iSpring Learn, we deliver rare disease education to low-income countries. Many of the doctors who take part in our program have never been to a medical conference, because they can’t afford it. With iSpring, we’re making it accessible to them — they can even learn offline.

Igor Gaponov

Head of training center at Honeywell Russia

Newcomer training at Honeywell Russia starts in iSpring Learn. There are 10-12 courses that help newbies smoothly get settled into a new job. I use reports to quickly see who passed an exam and who failed. Thanks to iSpring Learn, we were able to onboard new sales specialists in 3 weeks instead of 8.

Lana Vinogradova

Head of eLearning Department at MW-Light

iSpring did a good job. We’ve cut down training costs per employee 20-fold. 700 salespeople work to one corporate standard. We’ve reduced the adaptation period from 2 months to 2 weeks.

Kevin R. Baker

Nurse anesthetist and co-founder of APEX

We use iSpring Learn to deliver content and administer exams to many universities across the country. iSpring has a single sign-on, which can streamline things for the user.

Russell Sawchuk

The creator of Learning Nurse

In using dozens of programs over the last few decades, we have discovered the importance of tech support. In our experience, iSpring has one of the best support systems!

Divya Changulani

CEO & co-founder of CIEL

I love the short time it takes you to respond to queries and the community! I attend practically all of your webinars and ask questions.

Doug Wolfgram

It’s the only PPT conversion tool that creates the high quality slides that I need. PLUS they understand the move to HTML5 and are leading the way!

Heather Harney Voran

I love iSpring Converter Pro because it coverts PowerPoints into HTML5 and doesn't require flash for viewing. So it will work on iOS devices!

Neil Chappell

Ever made a really good PowerPoint that you then want to display on your website? Check these guys out.

Stewart Milton

Learning Facilitator at Glasgow Caledonian University

Anyone with a basic familiarity with PowerPoint can quickly develop courses with iSpring. I like that it maintains PPT interactivities, animations, triggers, etc.

Gary Michael

Principal of Ontario Virtual School

With iSpring Suite, just 5 instructional designers were able to create over 70 courses for 4,000 students. iSpring instantly gave us a professional look.

Tahiya Alam

Junior eLearning Support Assistant at The University of Manchester

iSpring Suite is an easy-to-use plug-in for familiar PowerPoint. I can build interactive, fun, and colorful contents using templates with no coding skills.

Jonathan R.

Training Manager
Financial Services, 201-500 employees

We were new to the concept of interactive content development, so we were thrilled to witness that iSpring was extremely easy to learn and start using.
Not only is the software extremely easy to understand, iSpring also offers regular workshops for clients.


E-Learning, Self-employed

I’ve built a very successful business developing online prep courses for helping people pass law enforcement exams. Over 10,000 users have benefited from my courses, created with iSpring Suite.
Output of both quizzes and tutorials are excellent for both desktop and mobile devices across both Android and Apple devices.

Sheridon O.

Training Manager
Oil & Energy, 201-500 employees

My team doesn't have to create everything because all our contributors know how to use PowerPoint. Rather than have to build everything from scratch, we can have the contributor send us the material, tweak it, and publish it in short order.

Andy L

Hospital & Health Care, 2-10 employees

After three years of use, iSpring continually performs at or above expectations. We're able to deploy hour-long training to a number of clients. The quality of the presentations is high; downtime has been nonexistent; training is relevant and helpful; and on the few occasions we've had questions for support, they've been answered promptly and effectively.

Anson Jerrin M

Training and OD Specialist,
Food & Beverages, 1001-5000 employees

One thing about iSpring Suite I want to be specific on is the huge content library, which has got plenty of characters from different industries with different poses. Also, the galaxy of templates makes the content creation an interesting one.

Burt M.

VP Sales
Chemicals, 501-1000 employees

I have never had such great and immediate support as I get from ISpring. I needed additional activation on a crashed desktop and within 5 minutes at 2:27 AM, iSpring support had me up and running post-haste. iSpring Suite is the most amazing help mate to produce stunning presentations with a "WOW Factor" that keeps the audience attentive and eyes wide open.

Margarita Hays, M.B.A.

Human Resource Manager,
Corporation Financial Services,
201-500 employees

Initially, we began using iSpring Learn to track completion of annual mandatory training required by government regulations.
Once managers experienced the ease of tracking courses and the ability to complete training assigned anytime/anywhere, iSpring Learn LMS took off in our organization. Given we have employees all throughout the U.S., iSpring is a great solution for our company!

Kate S.

Administration and Training Manager,
Banking, 51-200 employees

This LMS is so easy to use. Uploading training and deploying to employees is a seamless process, takes about 30 seconds. The reports have recently been updated to provide additional detail about learners' course completion.
We can download the training reports and save them in case we ever need to produce them either for auditors or to confirm that somebody has taken the training.

Leslie Cutter

Global Digital Marketing Manager at MOXA, Inc.

We love iSpring Suite because it allows creating online courses very fast. It’s easy to build courses in PowerPoint and publish them, and you really don’t have to be an expert to do all that.

Dimitri Roman

Senior trainer at a Security Company

I would recommend iSpring for all who want to start Single Source Publishing in PowerPoint. iSpring is the only tool that does a true 1 to 1 conversion without the need to tweak additional settings in the tool.

Josephine Poelma

Executive Director of Learning and Development at Oticon

With iSpring Suite, we maintain a high level of knowledge and skills among 250+ employees, including field-based professionals such as account managers and field trainers who travel extensively.