Why Not Start Examining Your Students Online?

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Easily create pro-looking quizzes!

Education can’t function without proper assessment tools. We bet that as a teacher you regularly create tests or quizzes to evaluate your students’ progress. Why not automate this process, and make it much faster and easier?

The future of education

More and more teachers worldwide save their time and energy by delegating test assignment and grading to specially developed computer programs. Daphne Koller, a Stanford professor (and a third generation Ph.D. who is passionate about education), shares her experience: “How do you grade the work of 100,000 students? The answer is, you need to use technology to do it for you. Now, fortunately, technology has come a long way, and we can grade a range of interesting types of homework”. Using online tools is an integral part of blended and flipped education. And even if you have never come across e-Learning before, now is the right moment to begin.

Are your methods obsolete?

What is actually involved in developing, checking and grading tests manually? How much time do you waste repeating the same routine job? Are you always accurate while checking the results, or is there a possibility of missing something? And what is more important, wouldn’t the whole learning process be more efficient if you had all the necessary tools?

How to start evaluating your students better and faster

We invite you to join the community of ambitious teachers who have already automated the evaluation process by following these simple steps.

  1. Create an online quiz with iSpring QuizMaker
  2. Publish your quiz to iSpring Cloud and deliver it to your students
  3. Get your students’ results in a detailed report

Let’s take a closer look at this process.

1. Create an online quiz with iSpring QuizMaker and set up statistics collection

Developing vivid and engaging content is easy, thanks to iSpring QuizMaker, a simple and flexible tool for creating digital quizzes and tests. Its advantages aren’t limited to effective assessment; it makes a powerful teaching tool as well.

iSpring QuizMaker offers a large number of options such as choosing types of questions, using branching scenarios and flexible scoring, adding various types of media, and customizing quizzes. All these capabilities are available in a user-friendly interface which allows teachers to develop unique content fast and easy.

A question slide made with iSpring QuizMaker

Getting started with iSpring QuizMaker 9 →

Quizzes created with iSpring QuizMaker can go cross-device, which means that they adapt to any digital environment. We bet your students never part with their laptops, tablets or smartphones, do they? Why not use technology in order to engage them even more with the material! Let them study anytime and anywhere with the iSpring Play free mobile app, which allows learners to take quizzes even when there is no Internet connection available.

Choose what information about students you want the program to collect for you. By default, students have to enter their names and emails before taking a test. You can also request phone numbers, addresses, or other custom data. For example, if you have more than one class, you can ask your students to indicate which class they study in. Or if you teach children, you may want to know their parents’ contact details. Wouldn’t it be great to collect all this data automatically instead of asking it in person? All the settings are available via the Properties button on the iSpring ribbon.

2. Publish your quiz to iSpring Cloud and deliver it to your students

Once you’ve made your quiz, it’s time to share it with your students. It doesn’t matter if you have your own website or not; iSpring Cloud is a perfect solution to store and share your educational content online. Simply create an account by entering your e-mail address. It’s free.

ISpring Cloud homepage

Now publish your quizzes directly to iSpring Cloud – it’s simple! iSpring Cloud was created for regular people, not software engineers; that is why it’s so user-friendly. Once you’ve created your account, you will be able to publish quizzes in just one click! Just choose the iSpring Cloud tab in the Publish window and enter your account details.

After you have published your material, you can choose how to share it with your students.

Four ways to share your quiz:

  1. Direct link
  2. E-mail
  3. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  4. Embedding in a webpage

If you already have a website or a blog, you can choose between sharing a direct link and embedding a quiz right in it. The unique graphic content will definitely add value to your site and ensure e-Learning success for you and your students.

If you have your students’ emails, use your email database to inform everybody at once. And, it’s equally simple to share your content via social media.

3. Get your students’ results in a detailed report

What does it take to evaluate students’ progress and level of knowledge? Is just one grade really enough to assess their strengths and weaknesses? The special quiz report by iSpring QuizMaker will allow you to go beyond simple measuring criteria.

So what kind of statistics does iSpring QuizMaker offer? Every time one of your students takes a quiz, you will see the pass/fail status along with an exact score. You will not even have to calculate a grade, because the program will automatically do that for you. Moreover, you will have a clear picture of the concrete difficulties students faced, the number of attempts, and the time it took them to finish the task. You can also modify the email settings and indicate the specific information to be contained within the report.

The special quiz report by iSpring Quiz Maker

Working with a large number of students

If you prepare tests on a regular basis for a large number of students, we recommend you use a learning management system. Quizzes made with iSpring Quiz Maker work perfectly with any SCORM/AICC compatible LMS. Try iSpring Learn LMS, the LMS that tracks students’ progress over a period of time and allows teachers to better understand their students’ capabilities and guide them even more efficiently. Moreover, the system is perfect if you want to develop and distribute a complete e-Learning course, including rich-media presentations and online training management.

iSpring Learn LMS

Example quiz created with iSpring QuizMaker


Don’t let the daily grind wear you out! Once again, Daphne Koller shares her keen insight into modern education: “Mastery is easy to achieve using a computer, because a computer doesn’t get tired of showing you the same video five times. And it doesn’t even get tired of grading the same work multiple times.” Stay focused on your main goals and tasks, and let modern e-Learning tools assist you!

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