When we show our PowerPoint presentation to the audience we wanna catch people’s attention, right? Do you remember the well known fact that around 70% of the information people apprehend visually? That’s why colors have a big impact on understanding the information by your audience. It is very important to choose the right color or a combination since every color has its meaning. Below you’ll find a few suggestions on selecting a color for your presentation depending on its purpose.

Red color If you wish to inspire your audience for actions orange or red is a good choice.

Yellow xolor To get people’s attention use yellow color. It will bring a piece of sun into your presentation and you’ll receive a positive attitude in return.

Green color If your presentation is about nature, health products or environment green is the best color to use because it has positive associations among people all over the world.

Purple color You are about to present a new product or discuss the unique technique don’t hesitate to use purple. This color will put some mystery and sophistication into your presentation.

Grey color For presenting technology products grey and a little bit of black color will be fine. Be careful with using black though since in many cultures it is associated with bad luck.

Brown color For practical products at affordable price use brown color since it is associated with stability.

Choose the right color and make your presentation more effective!

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