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Top 3 Latest Updates to iSpring Learn LMS

In this article, you will learn about the latest improvements made to iSpring LMS to help you teach even more effectively.

Online PDF Player

There’s no need to download PDF documents anymore. They are opened right in the system wrapped up in a special player.

Online PDF player in iSpring Learn

Switch between the pages by clicking on the arrows on the screen or by pushing them on your keyboard. On the bottom of the screen you can fine-tune the scale, switch between the pages and choose whether to go over the document in normal mode or in the form of a book. You can also open the document in fullscreen.

To swap view modes, click on the book icon on the bottom of the screen. In the book mode, you can switch between the pages by clicking on the pages’ thumbnails. To enable thumbnails, click on the icon with four squares on it, and small images of each page will appear on the bottom of the screen:

Thumbnails in iSpring Learn PDF player

To go to a needed page right away, simply click on its thumbnail.

Links to external resources

Now iSpring LMS account owners and administrators can add links to external resources to the list of learning materials and then assign those links to the learners as separate learning activities. They can also be added to individual learning programs.

To add an external link, go to the Courses tab, click on Create and select Web Link:

For example, you can add a link to a Google document with a table on progress in studies or to an article the learners should read in the context of the course. Links are opened in a new tab.

You can view statistics on external links, just like on any other learning material.

Viewing materials assigned to each user

Track which courses, quizzes, and other learning materials have been assigned to each learner. To view the list of assigned materials, go to the Users tab, and choose the one whose assignments you would like to see.

Switch to the Course Enrollment tab in the Edit User window. In the Status column, you can see from where the learner left off in each learning material. It allows you to track each learner progress and see which materials he has studied, which of them are in progress, and which are not started yet.

You are always welcome to try these and other features of iSpring LMS for yourself. Sign up for a free iSpring Learn trial ->

Have you already tried these enhancements? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.


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