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The Team Doesn’t Feel They’re Working with Two Different Tools

2 minutes

Manoj Kumar shares his experience with iSpring

Manoj Kumar works as a project manager for Triumph India Software Services Ltd. Triumph India is one of Asia’s leading technical communications companies providing documentation services that encompass the spectrum of content creation, maintenance, and publishing. They have been using iSpring Suite for 12 months.


It all started with the task to create a web-based training with an L2 level of animation for one of our renowned clients. We needed to accomplish the task within a quick span of time, as prompt product delivery was very important for the client’s training.


We had been in search of a best-in-class rapid authoring tool for some time before we found iSpring. We downloaded a free trial version and experimented with its features. All the tutorials were very helpful, and their sources could be downloaded as well. This made the learning very quick, and we decided to test iSpring Suite on our projects.

The Result

Now, we are happy with the ease with which one can turn a PowerPoint presentation to a web-based training with iSpring. As iSpring Suite is a PowerPoint plugin, our team hardly realize they are working with two different tools. They especially like how quick it is to master all the multiple features of the software.

We are completely satisfied with iSpring Suite: the output presentations are of great quality, and we can use many different functions within one tool. There is a quiz maker, interactions, simulations, built-in templates, characters, and many more.

Apart from all the aforementioned, we are thoroughly impressed with the technical support team, whose responsiveness has reduced our learning curve tremendously. iSpring webinars are also an important factor for success. Through webinars, we found out about some real-life scenarios which we could possibly face with our project.


iSpring Tech Support is the finest, most courteous and knowledgeable team. Whatever complicated questions we had, they always offered us a solution which went beyond the question, and educated us on their tool.

I would recommend iSpring for all who’d like to create web-based training for all levels. To create courses with best-in-class responsive design, all one should know is how to work with Microsoft PowerPoint, and iSpring will do the rest.