Take Your E-Learning to the Top with TOPYX LMS and iSpring

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Another intensive period of research has turned up a positive result: iSpring engineers confirm that SCORM 1.2 and 2004 courses published with iSpring authoring tools work beautifully with
TOPYX LMS, “The Learning Management System That People Love.” So now all you TOPYX fans out there can confidently create stimulating, media-rich courses and quizzes with iSpring and upload them to the LMS, knowing that all statistics will be properly reported.

Interactyx is a global e-Learning software company providing engaging and interactive learning experiences to learners, businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations of any size, anywhere in the world.

Since 1995, Interactyx has worked to develop engaging learning solutions to revolutionize how real people gather, interact, and learn. Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX, is at the forefront of developing e-Learning and learning management system (LMS) solutions that engage learners and enhance collaborative learning environments. TOPYX has gained acceptance as an innovative, affordable solution to deliver a complete online learning software solution meeting the needs of today’s learner. TOPYX is the best value in social learning software.

Interactyx was recognized on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list of “Fastest Growing Private Companies” as no. 790 for achieving 579% three-year revenue growth.

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7 comments on “Take Your E-Learning to the Top with TOPYX LMS and iSpring

  • “…Another intensive period of research has turned up a positive result:
    iSpring engineers confirm that SCORM 1.2 and 2004 courses published with
    iSpring authoring tools work beautifully with

    This is a cockeyed way of putting it, that seems to misunderstand SCORM. Given that we know that iSpring puts out properly formed SCORM objects, if the output did not work inside the “TOPYX” LMS, that would indicate a faulty LMS, not a faulty authoring tool. It would then be a matter for “Interactyx” to investigate and fix, not iSpring’s engineers. That’s the whole point of SCORM, AICC and other standards, that they offer a standard for LMS producers to meet (again, given that the published objects are properly formed).

  • You raise a perfectly valid point, Bruce! In fact, it is safe to assume that iSpring produces valid SCORM objects, since we have received official certification from the ADL. Our LMS compatibility project is simply for the benefit and convenience of people who want to be assured that iSpring-generated content will work perfectly with their own LMS without any trial-and-error.

    If you are an ordinary user, you might have these questions:
    iSpring supports SCORM. (“How well?”)
    LMS X supports SCORM (“How well?”)
    “And how well do they work together?”
    Our mission is to put these questions to rest for as many LMSs as possible.

    During the verification process, we are in very close contact with each LMS provider to ensure that all content works properly. Again, through this process, we hope to save people some time and energy. :)

  • Thanks for the reply. You provide a clear explication from your pov as authoring tool manufacturer. Though we know that the verification process you describe is likely to be “a matter of course” for any properly devised LMS, it is, of course, business- savvy (and decent) to give each LMS provider the individualised tick of confirmation.

  • We used Topyx several years ago and quite honestly it was less than positive. A beautiful tool on the outside, but laden with incredible bandaids and inefficiencies riddled throughout the program. WARNING: Don’t always be fooled by the nice look on the outside of a front-end system – look under the hood and make sure you really REALLY know what you’re getting into before you investment in a LMS. It’s a huge investment and you need to be confident that what you’re investing in is going to be able to do what it claims it can do. Ask for detailed processes from your LMS on how they help you to get up & running quickly, as well as how they handle internet browser updates (from Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome) – THIS IS CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF YOUR LMS. Do some testing of the program/software and test out all of the functionality beyond the surface – and do it in Firefox, Internet Explorer AND Google Chrome. Check out references (and make sure the references are heavy users of all of the functionality in the LMS and really use the system). In net, invest the time upfront so that you don’t make the wrong choice for your organization. Functionality is key in a good LMS.

  • Hi Sue!
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful advice!
    Our research was performed quite recently, and was limited to the functionality of iSpring desktop authoring tools with Topyx LMS. We had positive results with our research, and thus reported them here.

    Since it was several years ago when you last tried Topyx, it’s possible that there have been vast improvements since then.
    If you’ve found another LMS that perfectly fits your needs, and if it’s not already on our list of officially supported LMSs, then you’re more than welcome to submit it to us for testing: support@ispringsolutions.com

  • I used to work for Interactyx and developed code for TOPYX. Sue is correct. It is a horribly inefficient mass of code that has been patched over and has had so many band-aids thrown on it that fixing an issue was a monumental task. Technical debt is rampant because the failure of those at the top in the company, I was reduced from an engineer to one who simply put out the fires of which ever client whose renewal was near.

    Do yourself a favor and pick any other LMS.

  • We chose the TOPYX LMS and ultimately cancelled it in November of 2015. When we were signed up for the TOPYX LMS, we were sold a solid, stable platform complete with numerous features based upon what we saw in the demos. In reality we ended up getting a system that was rife with bugs, inefficiencies, and defects. During our time with them we discovered that the TOPYX service level agreement is never adhered to and experienced a longer than expected response time from their client managers. Fixes came at a glacial pace. This poor handling on their part combined with the unstable product were what led us to pull the plug.

    Before signing on, make sure to do your due diligence and ask to test drive the system on your personal devices and browsers. Ask about the specific needs of your organization like single sign on, legal compliance (HIPPA comes to mind), who owns the data, etc.

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