SmarterU LMS Compatibility with iSpring: Confirmed.

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iSpring is continuing compatibility tests with a variety of learning management systems. We are glad to announce that iSpring authoring tools are the perfect complement to SmarterU LMS. iSpring-generated packages in SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 are perfectly supported by SmarterU.


Supporting tens of thousands of learners worldwide since 2009, provides an online training platform for all industry sectors. Manage your learners and administrative teams using beautiful dashboards, intuitive navigation, and drill-down reporting. Our interactive SMARTERGAMES™ and flashcards allow you to test your learner’s progress, and SmarterU has a variety of testing options. Manage and integrate blended learning using our Instructor-led Training features. Automate your training using Role Management – perfect for certification training. Store documents and media files in your account’s Knowledge Base. SmarterU is SCORM compliant, multi-lingual, ecommerce-friendly and fully brand-able to take your training beyond binders and boardrooms.

Upload your SCORM compliant courses or build rich media courses right in SmarterU’s course editor. also has a team of instructional and graphic designers who can assist with course content development, and an adult education specialist who assists with curriculum roadmap planning. When it comes to training, coaching and support – no one will love you more.

e-Learning content created with iSpring software instantly integrates into any SCORM-, AICC- or Tin Can-compatible LMS. Learn if iSpring will work with your LMS →

If you have any question on your LMS compatibility, feel free to contact us.