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5 Apps for School Administrators

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Whether you are heading up a public high school, a private college or the educational resources within a private business organization, there are certain aspects to the role of administrator that cross all domains. For every challenge these roles have, there’s an app that can help.

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Gone are the days when administrators need to be mired in paperwork! There are easy ways to keep all the work in the cloud and save time and money in the process!

HelloSign – Scan and sign and email / fax documents, on the go. Your electronic signature, once set up in your account, can be added to whatever document you need to include it on, quickly and without the need to print and re-scan.

Observation 360 – this tool allows administrators to document observations and evaluations of teaching staff, share relevant resources with teachers and help them progress in their growth as educators.

Evernote – this app allows individuals to capture, share and even network information, notes, web pages and more. Working on and communicating about a project becomes fluid and fully updatable in real time.


Keeping everyone on the same page isn’t always easy but using tools that allow easy sharing of information enables everyone to have the latest form, process or document without any emailing and versioning.

Google Drive – a cloud based drive for all of the school’s documentation, manuals, forms and other shareable paperwork. This might seem like an obvious choice but many people don’t leverage the sharing that this app / Chrome extension provides. Presentations are easily stored and become available to all who have access, quickly and easily.


Do you remember using index cards for speech notes? Those days are gone. PowerPoint based e-Learning sessions, seminars and webinars are the future.

ProPrompter – this app allows you to turn your tablet into a teleprompter. Perfect for speeches, lectures, videos and any other speaking engagement where you might want cued, scrolling reminders of what’s next on your agenda.

From apps that review the Common Core Curriculum to photo and video making tools, there are hundreds of apps that can make the everyday work that is required in education faster and more effective.

Do you use any of these apps in your administrative capacity? Do you have any other apps to recommend for this purpose? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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