QA Testing for Mobile Learning

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Today with a high level of content interactivity and cross-platform issues, it’s vital for mLearning developers to conduct a variety of tests on their software for such things as multi-browser compatibility and proper behavior within specific LMSs. QA (Quality Assurance) Testing is an essential procedure to ensure that the product works properly for end users.

Our good friend Mark Simon, a Senior Training Consultant at HiMark Solutions with over 20 years of hands-on experience in e-Learning, has shared his profound knowledge in his article for Learning Solutions Magazine.

“If you are going to validate your mLearning for a device based on an SME review, you should add at least a few key functional tests to their acceptance test requirements. And as with functional and non-functional tests, make sure to include the SME’s review tasks in your QA test plan.”

This article is a must-read for all e-Learning developers and engineers. It will help avoid common errors and understand why testing should be taken seriously.

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