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PowerPoint 2013’s Exciting slide transition effects now supported in iSpring

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iSpring PowerPoint to Flash/HTML5 converters have habitually received top accolades from industry critics, receiving such lofty citations as “Almost Impeccable Conversion” and “Unparalleled support for PowerPoint” because of their cutting-edge support for animations and slide transitions.

All those brand-new, engaging 3D slide transition effects in PowerPoint 2013 are now available in Flash and HTML5 with the latest update of the iSpring conversion engine. Check out this list of recently added/improved slide transitions:

  • Fall Over
  • Drape
  • Curtains
  • Prestige
  • Fracture
  • Crush
  • Peel Off
  • Page Curl
  • Airplane
  • Origami
  • Ripple
  • Vortex

See them marked with green circles on the list of PowerPoint transitions:


Some of the “Exciting” effects in the latest PowerPoint version use advanced 3D technologies. However, Web-browsers were not able to render 3D objects in the beginning of 2013 because the HTML5 format wasn’t completely developed at that time. With the appearance of WebGL some time later, this became available.

iSpring PPT converters use the latest web technologies for slide animations and transition effects such as WebGL to deliver these engaging effects to online versions of PowerPoint presentations.

Other transitions categorized as 2D were already implemented in earlier iSpring converters. Two of them (Ripple and Vortex) have been improved, now providing even more flawless effects.

Full list of slide transitions is available on our website.

Here are some more citations from the Web related to iSpring’s exceptional animations support:

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“It supports all PowerPoint transitions, animations, custom motion paths, and slide ratios.” See full article

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“The converter preserves virtually all animations and transition effects, including complicated 3D transitions and trigger-animations.” See full article

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Creative Design of Learning Experiences Blog:

“Almost Impeccable Conversion: Unlike other PPT converters, both of these products can efficiently reproduce most of PPT animations and slide transitions.” See full article

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CommLab India Blog:

“Unparalleled support for PowerPoint. It retains more than 180 animations of PowerPoint, when storyboards are converted into HTML5 courses. For more details on the animations preserved by this tool, check out this page. iSpring Presenter 7 also retains all slide transitions of PowerPoint.” See full article

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