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More and more Windows users are migrating to the new PowerPoint 2010. Of course they are: a great product can only become better with its new releases. There are a great number of new features in PowerPoint 2010. Let’s take a brief look at some of them:

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1. New animation and transition effects

Advancing from one slide to another can really be customized. New transition effects can amaze your viewers, attract their attention or prepare them for more information on the next slide. Make it look crisp and professional with new 3D effects.

You now have a wider variety of animation to choose from, but some of the effects available in PowerPoint 2007 have been removed from PowerPoint 2010. Find the updated list of animations provided by PowerPoint 2010 and supported by iSpring here.

2. Audio and Video Editing Features

Not only can you add a video or an audio file onto your slide, you can also cut out the right piece of an audio or video file to get straight to the point. No additional software is necessary. In PowerPoint 2010 you can simply insert the file you want to see or hear into your slide and trim it your way.

3. Picture and Video Graphic effects

With new graphic effects for images and videos you can create designer-looking presentations in a matter of minutes. Play with artistic filters, color and brightness tools and preview the result on your slide by moving your mouse cursor over it.  

4. Audio and Video controls

Audio and video files you embed get their own control panel. Play, pause, fast-forward and rewind buttons are available on the player panel for each individual media object on your slide. If you use an iSpring player for your output presentation, you will basically have two player panels displayed – one for your audio or video object and another one for your entire presentation. It makes it much more convenient to be able to manage playback of individual videos separately from the entire presentation.

5. Organizing Slides with Sections

If your presentation is a large, make it clearly-organized by dividing it into sections. Structured information is much easier to comprehend.

To add a new section, right-click the slide to make it the first one within a new section. Right click Untitled Section to rename your section, to move it up, down or to delete it.

Sections can be minimized by clicking the section’s name in your slide thumbnail panel to the left.

6. Embedding media right into your presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 has changed the way your media resources get embedded into your presentation. When transferring or sharing presentations created with earlier versions of PPT, you had a few things to worry about. You had to make sure that:

  1. you also moved or sent all the resource files along
  2. all the media files will also play at the recipient’s computer
  3. the files are not too big to send

Now there is no need to worry about things like that. In PowerPoint 2010:

  1. all the video and audio files you insert get installed right into your .ppt file
  2. you can optimize your files’ compatibility to make them play on any computer
  3. you can reduce the media files’ size by compressing them

7. Adding screenshots.

PowerPoint 2010 makes it incredibly easy to insert screenshots of any open file into your slides. By clicking the Screenshot button on the Insert tab, the PowerPoint toolbar will open a dropdown list of all the windows you have opened. After selecting the one you want, you can add graphic effects, just like any other image in your presentation.


8. Great text editing features.

PowerPoint 2010 gives you great editing features for all of your multimedia and even text! PowerPoint now works with text in multiple languages and is simplified by an improved spell-check and thesauri. Adding math equations is easy as well.


9. Creating custom shapes.

Can’t find a perfect shape or clip-art to add? Create it yourself! Make existing shapes interact with each other to create a new shape by Union/Combine/Subtract/Intersect options. After you add graphic and 3D effects to your created shape, it can really look great! These options are not available in the ribbon by default. You can add them through: PowerPoint Options > Customize Ribbon > Commands Not in the Ribbon > Shape Combine, Intersect, Subtract, Union.

Maximize your presentation’s effectiveness with PowerPoint 2010. There are a great number of new options to explore and try out in your presentation that can make your work truly become more than just a presentation.

iSpring version 6.0 and above supports PowerPoint 2010 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).

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