More Tips To Fit e-Learning Into Your Busy Schedule

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In one of our latest posts, we talked about tips to fit e-Learning into your busy schedule. First of all, you really need to make learning a priority. Many people suggest using a calendar where you can schedule time in for studying. However, your calendar might be completely overloaded and you have no idea how to fit anything else into it.


Here are a few more tips so that you can make e-Learning fit into your day.

  • Cut out activities that waste your time. Sure, everyone needs to relax, but if you find yourself checking Facebook, are you still surfing through the news feed an hour later? What about television? Can you cut out one or two television shows a week? What if you DVR them and watch them after you complete your class as a reward?
  • If you want to do something fun, set a timer. Get on Facebook for fifteen minutes only. Watch one television show and then get to work.
  • Wake up before your children or study after they go to bed. Find out what time you are most productive and either get up early or stay up a little later. Uninterrupted time studying is priceless.
  • Find a place where you only study. Leave your books out so that if you can fit a few minutes in, everything is ready. If you have to get your books and computer out and put them away every time you need to study, you could be wasting valuable time that could be used learning.
  • Ask for help. Sure, everyone wants to think that they can do everything but there is nothing wrong with asking for a little bit of help. Assign more chores for your children to do. Ask your spouse to cook dinner and help with the cleaning. If you need to do a lot of studying, there is nothing wrong with hiring a babysitter so you can focus on learning.

It can be challenging to fit college classes and online learning into your busy schedule. Many have a family and a home to care for. However, it is possible, if you really set your mind to it. Be sure to cut out time wasters such as Facebook and television. Sure, everyone needs a break, but be sure to set a timer so you don’t find yourself wondering what you did for the past two hours. You might have to wake up before your children or stay up later to get some uninterrupted study time. It helps if you find a place where you can leave your things out so you can fit a few minutes of studying in here and there, without having to unpack and pack it all back up. Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with needing help. Ask your family to pitch in and hire a babysitter or a mother’s helper if you need to.

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