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Mobile Learning and Foreign Languages

2 minutes

Mobile learning is commonly used by students learning foreign languages. It can prove to be a valuable tool for many reasons.


Foreign languages are a multi-faceted subject to learn and teach. There are a variety of categories of applications that students use on their mobile devices.

Flashcard Applications

These are pretty self-explanatory. A big part of language learning is vocabulary. There exists a variety of applications to help. Some applications allow you to make your own flashcards. Others come with pre-made flashcards in specific languages.

Dictionary Applications

Physical dictionaries in books are becoming a thing of the past. A mobile dictionary can always be on hand when needed. An added benefit is the ability for most to play back the word in an audio clip. This can help to master the pronunciation easily.

Translation Applications

Similar to dictionary but can be used with full sentences. These applications provide a way to easily translate tough materials. Although grammar may be incorrect, it can still give you a way to get a rough idea of a written passage’s meaning.

Verb Form Applications

Grammar is another very essential part of foreign language learning. These applications can help to memorize verb conjugations.

Radio Programs

The internet is known as the world wide web for a reason. Many languages have a wealth of programs for download that include many different subjects.

In a study done at the University of Colorado at Boulder, it showed over 60% of students enrolled in foreign language courses use a smartphone as a resource for their learning. It is clear there is a new trend towards mobile learning, and foreign language learning plays a part in it.

Can you think of any other applications for foreign languages in mobile learning? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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