LSCON 2016 Roundup: Sharing What Works

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On March 16-18, iSpring experts visited Learning Solutions Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL. The conference was a must-attend event for the leading e-Learning software vendors, instructional designers, e-Learning developers, training officers and anyone looking for best practices and solutions for all learning needs. iSpring was a premium sponsor of the event, and we enjoyed both the organization and welcoming atmosphere! The conference and expo united 66 vendors and 1,600+ attendees from all over the world.

With this year’s theme “Sharing what works”, LSCON was a great opportunity for us to share our expertise, present top-ranking e-Learning solutions and communicate with other industry leaders, long-term customers, prospects, and partners.

iSpring experts came to Orlando to discover the challenges faced by e-Learning developers, and to present top-to-bottom solutions based on ten years’ experience creating high quality software. The history of iSpring began with PPT conversion technology, which has always been recognized as best-in-class, thanks to clear support of all PowerPoint effects on any device. Our tools help 40,000 clients all over the world build e-Learning fast and easy. iSpring engineers annually release new versions of all our products, and update the software every 2-3 months, which is done by nobody else in the industry.

Now let’s take a brief look at the main LSCON-2016 highlights!

Easy Tools for Busy People

At LSCON, we presented the ultimate iSpring Suite 8.1, an easy-to-use authoring tool, and iSpring Learn, a powerful cloud-based LMS. Visitors to our booth explored the unique features of iSpring Suite 8.1: the screen recording feature, the simulation tool and the new video lecture player. Both customers and prospects enjoyed the option to add custom characters and to create branching scenarios most of all.

Our experts were asked many questions about iSpring compatibility with third-party LMSs. Courses published with our products work perfectly with any LMS that supports SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can API standards. iSpring engineers thoroughly check LMS compatibility and constantly update the list of supported LMSes.

At the iSpring booth, both newcomers and long-term customers had the opportunity to check interactive e-Learning courses made in iSpring Suite 8.1 and had a chance to win a branded iSpring nesting doll.

Sessions and the Great Debate

At the conference in Orlando, world e-Learning experts delivered 3 keynotes and 100 concurrent sessions. The sessions addressed the future of learning and course development, microlearning, gamification, blended learning, video storytelling and other emerging e-Learning trends.

This year we organized two stage sessions with Mark Simon and Joe Ganci, which were both entertaining and useful for e-Learners. Mark Simon, Principal Training Consultant at HiMark Solutions, gave an informative presentation, “What You Build Is What You Get – Or Is It?” and  showed how to avoid WYBIWYG issues when creating content in PowerPoint. The other stage session was the Great Debate between Mark Simon (PPT-based tools) and Joe Ganci, President of eLearning Joe (free-form tools).

Stay tuned, as we’ll post more info about the presentation and the Great Debate and share a video.

eLearning Brothers

At LSCON 2016, in keeping with tradition, we had a joint event with the eLearning Brothers, our friends and long-term partners. This year, we participated in a drawing by the Brothers, in which the attendees could win valuable e-Learning gifts. One of the visitors to our booth lucked out and got a free iSpring Suite 8.1 license.

Video Testimonials

It was great to know that visitors to our booth use iSpring tools to meet various e-Learning challenges, from student training to pilot assessment. Our customers named their favorite features – quiz creation, screen recording feature and simulation tool. Several people left video testimonials, in which they shared their experience with iSpring tools, future e-Learning plans and useful guidelines for all e-Learners.

We’ll publish video testimonials from LSCON 2016 at our website soon. Stay tuned!


LSCON 2016 in Orlando was a great opportunity for us to present hi-tech solutions busy people love to use, to network with other vendors and partners and to meet face-to-face with our long-term clients and newcomers. We are looking forward with anticipation to the next big conference and expo!

Did you make it to LSCON this year? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments below!

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