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Keep Calm and Try iSpring Suite 7. iSpring Newest Tool Is Released!

2 minutes

We have exciting and awesome news for all e-Learning fans around the world: a brand-new, powerful and comprehensive authoring tool, iSpring Suite 7, is released.

iSpring Suite 7 has evolved  from being just a “good idea” to become a “supercharged e-Learning tool”. So, what makes it supercharged?

1. Characters

What are characters for? To reach the maximum presence effect. This is an integral part of e-Learning process, as it makes the course spring to life and improves its efficiency: when learners see the tutor’s emotions they perceive the information better. Now it’s possible to achieve the same result in the field of distance learning using iSpring’s built-in character library. Communicate more earnestly by putting info in character’s mouth!

2. Mobile support

“Our flight is held at 27 000 ft, ambient temperature is…” How to spend 2,5 hours at the airport and 10 more in the air? Keep learning! Perfect support of HTML5 allows you to deliver your spectacular content for mobile devices of your ambitious learners and let them learn anytime anywhere. Plus Free iPad Application provides even offline content viewing.

3. Interactions

Present learning materials in a far more entertaining way. Create an interactive FAQ, timeline or directory to instantly insert them to your course and help learners be quick to grasp. Or present the whole course in the form of online book with impressive transitions.

These cool advanced capabilities are complemented by iSpring users’ favorite features:

  • Fast and easy e-Learning courses development
  • Recording, inserting and managing narrations
  • Designing advanced quizzes and smart surveys
  • and 20+ small improvements that will make your work with iSpring even more productive.

To try all of them download iSpring Suite 7 free 30-day trial ->

iSpring Suite 7 was really expected: long before the official release our regular users started asking the same question: “When?”, “When would Suite 7 be finally released?”, “When could we start using Suite 7?”, “What’s new?” and again “When, guys?”. We highly appreciate your interest and are glad to announce that now you can finally test it out. Enjoy!

So, just keep calm and try iSpring Suite 7. Better now, than never, right?:)

Here is the official press release:

Long-Awaited iSpring Suite 7: Mobile-Ready Courses with Characters and Interactions ->

We are looking forward to your feedback!