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At the latest eLearnChat, Rick Zanotti (@rickzanotti), Dawn Mahoney (@dawnjmahoney) and iSpring’s CEO Yury Uskov discussed the iSpring company and iSpring software for eLearning.

Rick starts the chat from calling iSpring software “bug free” and saying that he hadn’t run into any of iSpring’s bugs yet. According to Yury, this happens because of iSpring’s orientation on software stability and perfection, supported by non-stop “bug-hunting”.

When the conversation comes to eLearning tools, Yury shares his opinion that PowerPoint itself is
not quite the eLearning authoring tool, even though it has numerous great features. iSpring enhances
PowerPoint with special eLearning features and literally makes PowerPoint spring to life.

Yury also introduces iSpring E-Learning Rocket, the new eLearning solution that is coming soon.
E-Learning Rocket by iSpring allows creating courses in PowerPoint and publishing them directly
to iSpring’s hosted LMS.

At the end of the chat, Rick once again calls iSpring “a very good software” worth taking a look at.

Do you agree with Rick and Dawn? Please share your opinion in the comments and follow iSpring
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