iSpring ConverterAt long last you can make the full use of iSpring PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter,
the most advanced tool for PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion in the market!
iSpring Converter turns PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 with the highest degree of accuracy in a single click. iSpring Converter preserves even the most advanced features of PowerPoint including:

  • virtually all PowerPoint animations
  • transition effects
  • embedded audio and video
  • hyperlinks and interactivity
  • all PowerPoint styles

Plus, the converter allows you to insert YouTube videos and Web Objects into the presentation to make it even more expressive.
After the conversion with iSpring, your interactive, rich media HTML5 presentations can be viewed by much wider audiences via a large range of devices and browsers:

  • iPads
  • mobile devices
  • HTML5-compatible web browsers

To experience all advanced features of iSpring Converter, download free 14-day trial.
You can learn more about iSpring Converter or check out the Press Release.

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