iSpring Suite 8: New QuizMaker Interface

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Authoring and editing quizzes and surveys is easier than ever before, thanks to the new, enhanced interface in iSpring QuizMaker 8, part of the new all-in-one e-Learning authoring toolkit, iSpring Suite 8. With this dynamic quiz authoring tool built into iSpring Suite 8, you really don’t need any 3rd-party software to create complete e-courses from top to bottom.

Designing question slides, either one at a time or en masse, is a snap with the Slide View mode built right in alongside the Form View mode.

Let’s see what you can do with iSpring QuizMaker 8:

  1. The quiz editing interface now comes with two tabs: Form View and Slide View. For detailed editing of question properties and answer choices, use the Form View mode. To switch to a visual editing mode which looks just like the output, go to Slide View.


  2. In Slide View, you can see all your slides (intro, info, question, and result slides) in the list on the left with previews, and all the elements of each slide displayed on the right. Question and answer sections, images, equations, audio and video objects can be rearranged according to your preferences.


  3. You can select multiple slides at once from the list and perform universal edits on them, such as changing the Layout and Answer Columns, or using the Format Background feature. When you select a new background, layout, or answer column configuration, the changes will be made to all slides that you’ve selected from the list on the left.


  4. In the Slide View tab, you can quickly toggle the visibility of your intro and result slides. Just click the eye icon to the left of the slide in the list on the left to enable or disable it.


  5. Any edits you make can be undone and redone from the top toolbar.


  6. When you Preview your quiz, it will look exactly as it does in the Slide View editing interface. That means there won’t be any surprises when you see the final result!



This enhanced interface is sure to make your quiz authoring and editing process faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before. As a part of iSpring Suite 8, you’ll be able to create e-Learning courses from start to finish without ever having to switch tools!

Curious about the other new features in iSpring Suite 8? Stay tuned to the iSpring blog for more updates!

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