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iSpring QuizMaker: Changes in Sending Quiz Results

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Until recently, iSpring QuizMaker suggested using students’ emails to send quiz results on their behalf. However, recipients’ mail servers would often block these letters. To prevent that from happening, all quiz results are now sent from iSpring.

How your mail server works

When receiving any email, your server “wants” to make sure it’s spam free. That’s why it verifies incoming mail according to a number of internal requirements. Mail servers cannot reveal the algorithms of their verification process, as this would lead to spam attacks. However there are certain recommendations that help avoid going into a spam folder.

The majority of popular mail servers block incoming letters coming from domains that don’t belong to a sender’s server. Let’s say you’re using a student email hosted at as a sender’s email. In this case, sending quiz results from the server may result in a blocked email, as the domain doesn’t belong to the server.

How the functionality changed

You can see the changes in iSpring QuizMaker by opening the Quiz Properties window. To do that, click on the Properties button on the toolbar. In the open window, go to the Result tab, mark Send quiz result to email and click on Customize.

The Quiz Properties window in iSpring QuizMaker

In the Customize Quiz Report window, there’s now no option to Use quiz taker’s name and email if available. In the From field, you can see iSpring’s name and email address. You can change the sender’s name, but the email will remain the same.

The Customize Quiz Report window in iSpring QuizMaker

Note that you can still receive information on a student’s email address together with the quiz results. For that, you need to switch to the Main tab in the Quiz Properties window and mark Ask for quiz taker information. Before taking a quiz, a student will have to enter his/her name and email address. You may also ask for additional information such as company or phone number by clicking on the Customize button.

Asking for Quiz Taker Info in iSpring QuizMaker

Here is an example of an email with quiz results and quiz taker info.

Email with quiz results

To sum up, all emails with quiz results are now sent from the iSpring email address. As a result, emails that were previously blocked are now available for recipients. At the same time, you can still receive a quiz taker’s email and other information with the quiz results.

If you have any questions or suggestions, simply leave us a comment below or write us at We’ll be happy to help you!

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