image/svg+xml iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.iSpring Pro 3.1. New level of quality.

iSpring Pro 3.1 being made on the unique professional engine concentrated in itself the best FlashSpring Pro 3.0 PowerPoint to Flash conversion facilities. iSpring Pro 3.1 is based on innovative technology and makes the process of conversion easier and faster with the same outstanding high quality result. “Quick publish” button, preloader, autostart and the ability to open company web by clicking on the logo adds to this version more functionality that can be very useful for the end-users. iSpring Pro 3.1 took in all the best of FlashSpring Pro 3.0 and opened the way to further evolution of the product thanks to technology innovations applied there.

In the name of the company I am happy to announce that iSpring Pro 3.1 is now available on iSpring Solutions web site. Our professional team has been working persistently to release this product. iSpring Pro 3.1 is built on the professional conversion engine and includes our innovative solutions. This release has lots of technical improvements as well as new features. Briefly about them.

Finally, Preloader is here! There is no need to say how much important it is for our users who publish their Flash movies on web. I am sure that this feature will make lots of people a little bit happier. Now there is no confusion, you always know how much time you need to wait for your presentation to load. iSpring flower turning into color will inform you about it. Cute design will make the loading process momentary!

There is one more feature that I think will be valuable for many users. I am talking about “Quick publish” button. You know that before you publish your presentation you need to put some settings. I have a question for you. Did you notice that usually your publishing settings stay the same (especially now when “Smart compression” helps you with “Media”)? I can’t predict your answer, but mine is “yes”. And “Quick publish” button is what helps me a lot in this situation. It is very comfy to click a button once to change .PPT to .SWF, this is fast and very easy. The presentation converts with the previous settings and the result is always outstanding.

“Presenter” area has also been improved. Now you can make your logo interactive and viewers will be able to get to your company web site directly by clicking on the image.

iSpring Pro 3.1 includes References. You can add hyperlinks that will allow users learn more information on various subjects related to the main topic of your original presentation.

“Start presentation automatically” option will be useful for those who publish presentations on the web. Now your viewers will not miss the first slide and will see the complete slideshow at the desired time.

And this is not all of the good news for today! FlashSpring Pro 3.0 users will get their upgrade to iSpring Pro 3.1 absolutely free! All they need to do is contact our caring support team for more details.

Try iSpring Pro 3.1 now and feel a new level of Easy, Fast and Accurate conversion!

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