iSpring Learn LMS: Only Active Users Are Billed

4 minutes

Starting from April 1st, 2016, iSpring Learn LMS has a new pricing policy. The new subscription plans provide users with more flexible options and help them save money. Now, an unlimited number of users can be added to the account, and only active users are billed rather than all users registered in the LMS.

Active users are those who logged in at least once a month.

Before April 1st, 2016, subscription plans were calculated depending on the number of users registered in the account. Our customers often claimed that not all 100% of their users actually took courses from the portal. That’s why we’ve decided to make the iSpring Learn pricing policy more efficient.

How to save money on inactive users

Now, iSpring Learn has prepaid pricing plans for 100, 300, and 500 users. With these new plans, the account owner can invite and register an unlimited number of students and pay only for active users, according to the plan.

 A user will be regarded as active during the whole month, even if the account owner deactivates or deletes him/her. Deactivated users cannot log into their accounts.

For example, if the number of active users who log into the system every month doesn’t exceed 300, the account owner can choose a pricing plan for 300 users so s/he won’t have to pay extra.

You can register as many users as you need. If you have 500 employees, but only 300 of them have to take courses this month, you can register all 500 users in your account, but pay only for the 300 who have really logged into the system. It’s convenient when you need to train different groups of users each month; you don’t have to delete a group of users to register another one.

Once the number of active users reaches the limit, no more learners will be allowed to log in and take course assignments. The account owner will receive an email from the system notifying that the limit number of authorized users is exceeded.

The account owner and all administrators are added to the list of users by default, and the account owner is included in the subscription price. For example, if a plan for 300 users is purchased, the actual number of learners who can log into their accounts and take courses is 299.

The active users count renews every month on the date of the iSpring Learn account registration. For example, if the account was created on May 10, 2015, the number of active users who logged into the system will reset on the 10th day of each consecutive month. If the number of users who log in during the month reaches the limit, the system will notify the account owner and suggest upgrading the subscription plan. If you wish to extend your iSpring Learn subscription plan, simply contact us.

How to track the number of active users

If you’re an iSpring Learn account owner, you can track the number of active users. To do this, click the Billing tab on the Settings page in your iSpring Learn portal. On this tab, you will find the number of active users who logged into the system during the current month and the maximum number of active users on your subscription plan.

If you’re an account administrator, you can track how many users logged into their accounts on the Dashboard, in the users per period section.

If the number of active users approaches the limit, you may need to upgrade your subscription plan. Contact us to let more users take your courses and quizzes.