iSpring & Eduson: Cooperation You Benefit From

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Have you been looking for a complete set of training materials to empower your business skills? Then you’ll be happy to know that iSpring and Eduson educational platform give you
9 business courses for free. Eduson is an expert in teaching and training business essential skills such as negotiation, management, sales, HR and many others. The company has been creating engaging interactive courses with iSpring authoring tools for a few years now. Read this article to learn more about our cooperation with Eduson and this exclusive gift for iSpringers.

About Eduson

Nowadays more than 89,000 employees study with Eduson worldwide. The educational platform helps identify knowledge gaps and pick the best online courses according to individual needs. Comprehensive e-Learning materials are suitable for various professionals from different fields of work. The video lectures are presented by Dr. Ichak Adisez, world-renowned expert in management; Roger Delves from Ashridge and Hult International Business School; Dominic Houlder, world-renowned strategic management expert, and many other experts.

As the Eduson team says, one of the main factors of their project’s success is first-class content that leads to a higher engagement rate. Many Eduson video lectures, interactions, tests and surveys are created with the latest iSpring Suite.

Nick Camensky, Head of Production at

Nick Kamensky,
Head of Production 

“iSpring Suite has many powerful capabilities: interactive videos, different formats for tests, feedback from clients and many others. All of this is highly important for keeping learners engaged with courses.

One of the main advantages of iSpring Suite is that it’s PowerPoint based and very user-friendly. It’s easy to convert the created content to SCORM packages, which are always played back flawlessly afterwards.”

Gifts For iSpringers

Cooperation with educational organizations such as Eduson is what inspires us to develop even better solutions for e-Learning authoring. However, we’d like iSpringers themselves to benefit from it too. As a result, you can take 9 Eduson courses on HR, Leadership and Time Management for free!

 These are the topics of the complimentary courses:

  • Introduction to strategic HR management
  • Interactive course – HRM strategy
  • How to motivate staff
  • How to organize working time effectively
  • How to hire a sales employee
  • How to motivate and evaluate employees
  • How to conduct an interview
  • How to take back your time: time management for executives
  • How to use CAPI (Coalesced Authority, Power, Influence) to deal with problems 

We’re eager to provide iSpringers worldwide with every opportunity to ensure e-Learning success. So feel free to take a little break from e-Learning authoring and enjoy being a successful e-Learner yourself!

Note that these complimentary courses are available for 3 months starting from the registration date.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments below. We’re always happy to talk shop with you!

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