Introducing User Roles in iSpring Learn LMS

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Users of iSpring Learn are already familiar with the concept of Groups for organizing content and assigning permissions. Now, the iSpring team is proud to announce that this concept has been revamped and optimized for an even more flexible and intuitive experience. Now, instead of pigeonholing your account users into groups, you can assign roles to them which more broadly define their activities in the LMS.

iSpring LMS now has five user roles:

  • Account Owner
  • Administrators
  • Organization Administrators
  • Publishers (aka Teachers)
  • Users (aka Students)

This concept can be applied to organizations and workflow of virtually any size and scope. For your convenience, we’ve prepared a comprehensive article on the topic, describing the concept and how it can be applied in your iSpring Learn account.

Check out the full article on User Roles in iSpring LMS

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