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Have you ever faced the difficulties with audio and video playing in your presentation? Let’s say you’ve created a great presentation full of different effects, videos and sounds, you wanted to share it with your colleagues or friends, you try to open it on their computer and your multimedia does not play! What’s happened? The explanation is simple.

When you use PowerPoint to create your presentation you can insert various sounds and video that are saved on your PC and when you play the presentation you created on your computer it works just fine, but if you move it to the different machine the situation will be completely different. What actually happens is that PowerPoint embeds only audio in .WAV format. MP3 and WMA audio files as well as Video clips insterted into your PowerPoint presentation are not stored in it. PowerPoint creates and saves the link to the external object (e.g. audio or video file) that is saved on the PC the presentation was created at. That’s why if you move your presentation to another computer or send it via e-mail external multimedia files will not be found and your audio and video just will not play.

Here comes iSpring! iSpring embeds all multimedia content into the generated Flash presentation. Now your presentation can be viewed on any PC, sent via e-mail or published on web and you’ll never have to worry about your multimedia. iSpring conversion makes your presentation ready to share!

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Fast course authoring toolkit
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