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How to create Flash slideshow in PowerPoint?

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I often come across some interesting .pps files with beautiful pictures in Internet, but I’m always bored with downloading it, finding it on hard disc, then opening and watching. It’s much more convenient to view slideshows straight in Internet using browser.

To make a slideshow with nice animation effects and background music you need only two things:

  1. PowerPoint 2007
  2. iSpring software

In PowerPoint 2007 open Insert tab and click Photo Album:

PowerPoint 2007: Add Photo album

The following window will be displayed:

PowerPoint 2007: Add Photo album

Click File/Disk and select photos you want to add:

PowerPoint 2007: Add Photo album

Click Insert and these photos will be added to the list. Then set Picture layout (1 picture) and Frame shape (Simple Frame, White):

PowerPoint 2007: Photo album

Set Slide Background:

PowerPoint 2007: Slide background

As a result you can see slides of this kind:

PowerPoint 2007: Slide background

Next click Publish button in iSpring tab:

FlashSpring 3 Toolbar

Then set Player if necessary and click Publish:

FlashSpring Publish Window

Your slideshow in browser window:

PowerPoint presentation in browser

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