image/svg+xml How to boost business with iSpringHow to boost business with iSpringHow to boost business with iSpringHow to boost business with iSpringHow to boost business with iSpringHow to boost business with iSpringHow to boost business with iSpringHow to boost business with iSpring

It’s never too late to learn. And business is no exception. Corporate training and onboarding can really give a kickstart to your business. And iSpring can help you with that.

Of course iSpring is famous for its’ high-end PowerPoint-based e-Learning software, but it also can be successfully used in business. Effective attention-grabbing courses for staff training and professional business presentations for expos and exhibitions are made in no time with iSpring. And that can become a valuable addition to your HR and marketing.

So, how can iSpring be used in business? Let’s take a look.

  1. Corporate training and onboarding

    Here’s what you can do with iSpring to boost your corporate communications:

    • create compelling content: courses, video presentations, learning games, quizzes and surveys
    • easily master iSpring user-friendly interface and become a guru of e-Learning authoring
    • publish your content to a destination of your choice
    • view your courses and quizzes on any device: desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones
    • track detailed statistics on quiz results, manage both learners and content

    “We needed both to conduct corporate training and attest the employees in a rather short period of time. We managed to do it with the help of iSpring QuizMaker 7. We designed an educative quiz that helped learners to collect the information, arrange it and instantly correct their mistakes instead of just testing them. We’ve reached the point where the employees studied the new high-technology product in 20-30 minutes. They also had an access to their results and mistakes and clearly demonstrated the actual level of knowledge”

    – Ivan, Business Coach at Portalux

  2. Sales and Promotion

    Even a novice can easily create professionally-looking commercial slide deck or a Flash banner with iSpring. iSpring supports both HTML5 and Flash formats that allows easily upload iSpring-created promos to your corporate website. It will be available on any device and will work for you 24/7.

    With iSpring you can:

    • enrich your presentation with voice overs and video narrations – tell the world about your product in a new, entertaining way
    • fully customize the presentation player according to your corporate style
    • view your presentation on any device including iPads and iPhones, and more!

    As a result – bright and eye-catching business presentation, just like this one:

    auton screenshot

    As an example we have created this banner in PowerPoint and converted it to a combined Flash + HTML5 format with iSpring Presenter 7. It took us about 10 minutes.

Got inspired? Download iSpring Presenter FREE Trial and create your own Flash banner or any kind of interactive marketing material.

Here is a short article on how to create a Flash banner with iSpring ->

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