image/svg+xml FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!FlashSpring Server 2.1 has been released!

We have released FlashSpring Server 2.1, the product for automatic Flash movies creation from PowerPoint presentations. FlashSpring Server can easily convert thousands of bulky PowerPoint presentations to compact and web friendly Flash format keeping all animations and multimedia content of original presentation.

FlashSpring Server is a perfect solution for building Web conferencing, downcasting, and E-learning systems. Let your customers upload their PowerPoint presentations to your Web site, and FlashSpring Server will magically turn them into Flash movies.

FlashSpring Server provides COM API for conversion of PowerPoint presentations to Flash format. This API is enriched with various conversion settings allowing fine tuning of the compression, appearance, navigation and playback settings of generated Flash presentations. This API is accessible from all COM compatible programming languages and environments including C#, C++, ASP.NET, ASP, .NET, Visual Basic and Delphi. Command line application based on FlashSpring Server COM API performs batch conversion of PowerPoint presentation to Flash.

Flash presentations generated with FlashSpring Server provide a powerful ActionScript API for their full programmatic control such as navigation, presentation playback event handling, presentation information extraction. This API makes possible the seamless integration of FlashSpring presentations into Flash/DHTML based solutions.

FlashSpring Server automatically installs PowerPoint to Flash SDK which includes detailed documentation on COM and ActionScript API and many samples in C#, ASP.NET, PHP and VBScript programming language to help you with integration of FlashSpring Server into your solution.

Click here to download FlashSpring Server 2.1

New features of 2.1 version are as follows

  • Flash presentation playback control by animation steps. ActionScript API functionality was extended with programmatic animation step based slide navigation.
  • Runtime control over mouse and keyboard navigation. Flash presentations can be controlled manually using mouse clicks and keyboard keys. ActionScript API allows turning mouse and keyboard navigation on and off programmatically during playback.
  • Presentation viewing restriction by domain name. FlashSpring Server provides protection of Flash presentations from unauthorized publishing on web sites of third parties or copying them to local disk. FlashSpring Server allows specifying a domain name the presentation viewing is restricted by.
  • Player color scheme customization. When exporting presentation with player it is possible to customize its color scheme by setting hue, saturation and lightness offsets from original player color scheme.

Besides of features above FlashSpring Server 2.1 includes all PowerPoint to Flash conversion enhancement introduced in FlashSpring Pro 2.1.

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