image/svg+xml FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!FlashSpring Pro 2.2 brings new level of quality!

On the 2nd of August FlashSpring Pro 2.2 was released.

Everybody knows how much effort one makes to create an attractive, inventive PowerPoint presentation. Of course, we expect it to be perfect in Flash. Definitely. That is what FlashSpring Team were thinking about working hard on new Pro 2.2. We have analyzed a lot of requests to define the most important features for FlashSpring users. Dozens of v. 2.2 beta testers found it significantly improved, even exceeding their expectations.

The main directions FlashSpring Pro 2.2 was enhanced are as follows:

  • Support of Synchronization of sounds and animations.
  • High-quality processing of grouped shapes.
  • Conversion of large (300+ Mb) presentations.
  • Support of animated GIF images.
  • Special banner creation mode.

Previous FlashSpring versions could produce few conversion confusions eventually. We have listed the most important in the table below. You can see how the 2.2 successfully overcome these challenges.

The release of FlashSpring Pro 2.2
1. Synchronization of sounds and animations
I spent much time, doing my best to synchronize the narration, music, and other audio files with the animations in presentations. But what will get after conversion?
A good version of their presentations in Flash but… Oh my Lord! All the efforts with audio are wasted! The sound seemed hardly ever synchronized with animations and slide transitions. To say nothing about pausing and rewinding presentation, when sometimes the sound didn’t pay attention to what was happening to the content in my Flash presentation.A sigh of relief. Everything is justified. All the sounds and animations remain synchronized in the way I have done in PowerPoint. All the lectures, stories, advertisement I have recorded and added into the presentation work perfectly!!!
2. Animated GIF images
I have added an animated GIF image into the presentation. Really cool. It will amaze the viewers. God bless my talent and creativity. :)
Oh, no. I can’t believe my eyes! I see the GIF image I have put into my presentation. Yes, I see it. But It is STATIC!!! Only the first frame can be seen. I am deeply disappointed. Again.Everything is just fine. The animation looks perfectly. New Pro 2.2 leaves GIF image animated. Awesome!
3. Creation of Banners
I want to announce my course. A banner! Thats what I need!
I created a Flash banner from PowerPoint with FlashSpring. But it seems too large, several kilobytes bigger than the webmaster allows. It seems that I have to order Flash banner creation somewhere.Creation of banners is much simplified. Several clicks and the banner is ready. Now it’s more compact, and its size does not exceed the limit.
4. Conversion of big presentations (300+ Mb)
I have a lot of Audio files in the presentation. It is 350 Mb. What will I get, I wonder?
Whats happening to my presentation? It was quite ok, but now… Why are there so many issues? It seems that my computer lacks memory to perform the conversion. My last hope to perform such a challenging conversion is FlashSpring Support Team.Wow! The presentation has been successfully converted even after adding 100 Mb of extra high quality audio files. The quality remains excellent, but the size of my pretty huge presentation has decreased. It’s a miracle! My Flash presentation is 20 times smaller than the original PowerPoint file!
5. High quality processing of grouped shapes
I have prepared some sophisticated schemes, multi-object constructions and added pictures.
From the first sight everything looks quite ok. But when I scale the movie the shapes and texts in grouped objects are rasterized and look ugly Hyperlinks within grouped objects aren’t working. Of course, I can ungroup my shapes manually before the conversion but it is such an annoying thing!Yes!!! FlashSpring Pro 2.2 has kept all the grouped objects in their right places, to say nothing about texts, hyperlinks and whatever. They are perfectly scaled. I am more than satisfied. I am impressed!

Great! Sky’s the limit. FlashSpring Team is striving to perfection. Now FlashSpring Ultra 2.2 is coming to make a new breakthrough.

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