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I’d like to cover the hottest topic which our clients often ask about. It relates to possible issues during PowerPoint to Flash conversion in different versions of PowerPoint.

Compatibility between different versions of PowerPoint.

Okay, let’s start with less horrible things! Imagine the common situation that you have different versions of PowerPoint at home and at work. In the evening at home with Office 2003 you develop a great PowerPoint presentation with lots of animated graphics and texts. The next day you come to office and open up your presentation using the earlier version of PowerPoint (for example, PP 2000). To your horror you realize that the slideshow looks quite poor, many effects has gone at all, texts got screwed up and shifted. You could just scream! Familiar, isn’t it?

You see, PowerPoint 2000 can read your presentation created in Office 2003 but it kills all features specific for 02 and 03 versions as it doesn’t know about them. The situation can be the same if you use PowerPoint 2003 and new PP 07.

Why am I talking about it? If you convert your presentation to Flash with FlashSpring you should realize that FlashSpring cannot exceed possibilities of PowerPoint. In other words, after conversion you can get poor presentation due to such irritating problems with compatibility between different versions of PowerPoint.

FlashSpring has got well worked PowerPoint to Flash conversion technology. Persistent work of our engineers strengthens its reputations of mature solution for PowerPoint to Flash conversion. Sure, it converts standard PowerPoint content perfectly. Nevertheless, we meet several issues during conversion of complicated presentations crowded with third party content such as Excel diagrams, Flash movies, videos, audios, images in various formats. Most of these objects FlashSpring converts correctly but some can cause conversion problems. In spite of the adv nature of my job I’d like honestly tell about them. Hope you will appreciate it! :))

Compatibility of FlashSpring with different PowerPoint versions.

MS PowerPoint 2000. Actually this version of PowerPoint is quite old though quite wide spread. It has good range of objects, styles and animation effects enough for creation of attractive presentations. FlashSpring supports all its animation and slide transition effects still standard PowerPoint shapes and objects are saved as a raster images. Raster representation of PowerPoint objects generally looks fine but can have some issues when scaling. If possible, we recommend you to use PowerPoint 2003 or XP as this gives you a number of advantages in quality and accuracy of conversion to Flash with FlashSpring. It will allow you to get maximum from both PowerPoint and Flash.

MS PowerPoint XP/2003. This version is the most widely used nowadays and FlashSpring is mostly optimized for work with PowerPoint XP/2003. We have reached a number of quality points here which generally allows you to get perfect Flash content. Current FlashSpring core provides vector representation of PowerPoint objects in Flash that gives perfect scaling and compact file size. Support of embedded objects such as Flash, video, Excel diagrams, etc is significantly extended and improved in comparison with Office 2000.

So converting PowerPoint XP/2003 presentation FlashSpring handles the following items:

  • slide styles and backgrounds (including all info from Master slides),
  • shapes & objects (auto shapes, callouts, grouped shapes),
  • texts (left-to-right languages, underlined, bold, shadowed, emboss, etc.),
  • fonts (all standard fonts in case you have them installed),
  • text formatting (lists, picture-style bullets),
  • vector graphics (WMF, autoshapes, lines, standard PowerPoint charts&diagrams)
  • shapes geometry and positioning (retaining shapes dimensions and positioning of shapes, arrows, text objects, images)
  • embedded objects (Flash files, videos, audio narrations)
  • animations (180+ animations and their combinations, on-click animations),
  • transitions (58 transition effects),
  • sounds (all standard PowerPoint sounds plus external WAV, MP3 and WMA files),
  • videos (almost all video formats providing that necessary video codec’s are installed on your computer)

Having this perfect feature list sometimes you can meet some issues if you presentation is complicated and has got mixed content. Here I can share with you what usually causes conversion problems.

1. Currently FlashSpring supports only left-to-right languages of Western and Eastern Europe. To make the conversion properly, all the fonts used in a presentation must be installed on your computer. At present time our product does not completely support such symbols like the Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean or Hebrew characters and we have this in our development plan.

2. After conversion in FlashSpring, the 3D objects and objects with shadows can be positioned a little bit not in the place where they are expected to be.

3. At present time FlashSpring does not support repeat of animation effects and videos. Also the trigger animations are not supported.

4. Dotted lines are currently converted into raster images. Possible issues with scaling.

5. If links or action buttons are placed within grouped objects they lose interactivity after conversion and looks as images.

MS PowerPoint 2007. Current version of FlashSpring works with Office 2007 but there are some issues corresponding to the effects special for PowerPoint 2007 which absolutely changed the technology how objects are stored inside presentation. So we had to develop almost new product. And we are almost finished!

So current FlashSpring works under Powerpoint 2007, but doesn’t support the following features:

  • Hyperlinks applied to texts.
  • Embedded Video objects.
  • Embedded Flash objects.
  • Reflection, Shadow and 3D effects of PowerPoint 2007.

We are going to launch the FlashSpring 3 which will be intended specially for use with PowerPoint 2007. At present time this version is under development we plan to complete beta testing during this summer and release the product early autumn.

Having in mind all mentioned above I believe that majority of FlashSpring users have enough grounds to be optimistic. Our engineers work on product all day and night and generate new ideas how to make the conversion perfect and let you get much more from FlashSpring than you spent for it!

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