Looking at the title you might be a little bit surprised how Feng Shui and your PowerPoint presentation can be connected? Is it possible at all? And the answer is “yes”.

Fengshui Compass

Actually Feng Shui is a science that researches human being interaction with everything that surrounds him. Feng Shui tries to make this interaction well-balanced just like you want your presentation to be.

You always want a perfect PowerPoint presentation when you start to create one, don’t you? It’s not that easy: too many aspects are involved. I don’t claim to be a PowerPoint or Feng Shui Guru but a few tips that I am going to tell you might be useful for you.

Ok, so what does the word “Feng Shui” mean for you? Usually Feng Shui is associated with lots of Eastern cute little things like Chinese coins, huge fans on the walls and toads with coins in their mouth. People think that these things in its magical way can make our lives better and us more healthy, wealthy and much happier.

The classic Feng Shui is a very difficult science that is based on ancient Chinese texts and has around 5 thousand years history and knowledge. Feng Shui is a way of life and you need much time to get to know it. One book is not enough.Lets talk about this difficult and complex Feng Shui. I’d like to give you a few basic recommendations that will help you to make your presentation a little better.

Tip #1: For Sales use the design of element Earth

If you create a presentation of a certain product that you would like to sell, it’s known that it will be better if you address to each client personally. People are very different, so how can it be possible? Feng Shui advices you to use the design of element Earth in your presentation if you would like to reach lots of people. You may use all color spectrums from yellow to beige and brown. You may also use square and crystal shapes. Earth means stability, confidentiality and reliability.

Tip # 2: Choose a proper color for your business sphere

According to Feng Shui the entire world can be divided into 5 types of energy. These types were given the symbolical names of the nature’s elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each element is connected with the certain sphere of business and has the color that suits it better. For example, gold and red should be used for restaurants, metal colors for jewelry, etc. It is very important to choose the right color for your presentation depending on the topic and business environment. I think the table below will help you to do it.

Business SphereElementsColors
Tourism/transportation, Bars and restaurants, Sales, Cleaning, Teacher, MedicineWaterBlue, Black
Paper, Furniture, Information/news/translation, Movies, Learning, Clothes, PR, PhotoWoodGreen
Bars and restaurants, Electricity, Airlines, Entertainment, StocksFireRed, Orange, Pink
Insurance, Software, Fixed property, Management, AccountantEarthBrown, Yellow
Engineering, Jewelry, IT technology, Car constructionMetalWhite, Metal colors

Sure you can not completely rely on the table above since some occupations/businesses can contain several elements inside, so in each concrete case you should carefully analyze the situation.

Tip # 3: Choose the right date

According to Feng Shui it is very important to choose the right date for your speech/presentation. On the East people say that right actions made in right time are a key to the success. Few formulas from date choosing system are used to create some sort of a calendar that says what you should be better doing in a certain day. This calendar is called Tong Shu and is very popular in South-East Asia. But you should note that this calendar does not consider the individual aspects of a person, that’s why there is an ultimate way to choose the right date ““ visit the consultant. Right date is a bonus to the opportunities that we already have. It’s like an open door.

Tip #4: Do not stand with your back to a window or a door

When you present your slide show do not stand with your back to a window or a door. This is one of the major rules of Feng Shui. You don’t have eyes on your back and can’t control everything that is going on behind you and that is why it is more difficult to concentrate and feel confident. It will distract you from your presentation. It will be better if massive wall is behind your back while you are presenting your ideas to the audience and no one is sitting or standing behind you.

Tip # 5: Use harmonic shapes

Feng Shui considers a person and everything that surrounds them and tries to lead this interaction to the maximum harmony. If the main point of your presentation is to look harmonical don’t forget that some shapes are more balanced than other ones. Try to avoid any disharmony in your presentation and do not use too many crosses, triangles or down oriented arrows.

Of course, using only recommendations listed in this article will not make your presentation a perfect one just like “New age” Feng Shui cannot turn your life to the better in one single day. Your ideas, thoughts, PowerPoint presentation design and your own image and way of behavior are key factors of a successful slide show. My tips are just little details which though can be very important.

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