Bullets in FlashSpring 2

1 minute

Exact representation of PowerPoint texts after conversion to Flash is very important and complex task. We have significantly improved bullets conversion in FlashSpring 2 core:

  • Picture-style bullets support. FlashSpring 2.0 supports picture-style bullets.
  • Improved conversion of unnumberred bullets.
    • It was very interesting task to reproduce an algorightm used in PowerPoint for unnumberred bullets that use fonts not installed on user’s computer. In that case we had to emulate such bullets with existing fonts such as Wingdings.
    • Wingding font bullets with character codes 0x100-0x1ff were some sort of head ache as well. I was unable to find any logic in their mapping to 0x21-0xff character range in PowerPoint. It seems that Microsoft programmers have used some sort of random numbers generator. Anyway we solved this problem by manual reconstruction of lookup table. Sometimes brute-force method gives much better results :)

We prepared small demo illustrating bullets support in FlashSpring 2 (39kb)

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