Creating lovely e-cards is very actual now since St.Valentine’s Day is coming soon. There are lots of ways of making your presentation or e-card unique and adding cute animation effects is not the last one in this list”.

[flash /blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/animations.swf]

If you’d like to add similar animation effects to your presentation as shown in the Flash movie above, I’ll tell you how to do it. You’ll see this is very easy and doesn’t take much time, but I am sure your viewers will appreciate it.

Click “Animations” on PowerPoint 2007 toolbar, then “Custom Animation”, choose the object you want to apply your animation to and add 2 effects: “Exit: Fade” and “Emphasis: Grow/Shrink” though “Add effect” button. To make these animations play simultaneously just follow the instructions shown in the screenshot below:


The effect shown in the second slide are made with the help of 4 animations: two of them are played at the same time and other two simultaneously after second one. You can always synchronize your animations by looking at the advanced timeline.


To make the object move from one side of the slide to the other like it is shown in the third slide click on the object and follow the instructions in the screenshot.


I hope that animation effects will help you in creating amazing PowerPoint presentations, banners or personal e-cards for St.Valentine’s Day. Remember, iSpring is always there to help you to convert it to .swf and send it via e-mail to your co-workers or close ones!

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