PowerPoint has a really incredible choice of animations and effects to make your presentation remarkable and impressive. If there is a TOP 10 list of user’s favorite PowerPoint effects, animations by letters and words will be in the lead.
They are pretty indeed, and with iSpring Pro 3.5 they keep their amazing look even after conversion to Flash.
Look how all this fanciful animations dance in iSpring created presentation:

[flash /wp-content/uploads/2008/07/animations_by_letter.swf w=450 h=373]

Download animations_by_letters.pptx (Download the simplified .ppt version)

Repeated animations have been implemented in this release too. The trick is to set the exact number of strokes in animation’s Timing menu.
[flash /wp-content/uploads/2008/07/repeated_animations.swf w=450 h=486]

Download jumping_ball.pptx (Download .ppt version)

So, go ahead and create lively animated Flash movies with iSpring!

iSpring 3.5 introduces new features of Advanced Player: timeline customization, tabs order changing, navigation by slides and by steps.

Download iSpring Pro 3.5 here, and try! [9.0 Mb]

P.S. Nayil, great job once again :) These animations are magic!

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