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5 Awesome New Improvements in iSpring Learn LMS

3 minutes

iSpring developers have released an update for iSpring Learn LMS. The system now features a new user portal and an extended feature set. Check out these five powerful new capabilities of iSpring Learn which make it an even more effective tool for e-Learning.

1. New User Portal Design

The look of the iSpring Learn user portal has been significantly changed: iSpring developers have added style, comfort, and functionality to the new design. A convenient sidebar with tabs has been introduced to replace the old top menu bar. Also, navigation through the course catalog has become even faster: instead of a tabular list of materials, your users will see an image preview and a description of each course.

iSpring Learn New User Portal Design

In the new interface, LMS training has become an even more fun and engaging process. Your learners will appreciate the fresh new look of their user portal. For more information, sign into your account and click on Learn more in the message above the top menu bar.

  • To preview the new interface, click Preview New Portal.

  • To activate the new interface, click Start Using New Portal.

You can transition to the new portal anytime during the next 30 days. After that, the portal will be automatically updated.

2. Content Thumbnails and Descriptions

In the new version of iSpring Learn, you can add your own thumbnail and description for each uploaded content item. On the Manage Content Item page, select the appropriate preview image to represent the content inside (either upload a custom image, or use the auto-selected image provided by iSpring Learn).

When users click on the thumbnail, they will navigate to the course information page and see the course description, plus a comment area where they can discuss the materials with coursemates and instructors.

3. Copying Materials for Quick Assignments

This function allows you to quickly assign the same material to users and groups with different settings. You will not have to post the course several times; just upload it once and copy it if necessary, which saves a lot of time.

4. Email Notifications for Completed Courses

Configure notifications to be sent upon completion of assigned materials. For each content item or an entire folder, select administrators who will receive an email when the course is completed by learners. This notification helps administrators to assign the next course to users in a timely manner.

5. Improved HotSpot Question Report

iSpring Learn now has an improved report for HotSpot questions. Now, students’ answers to HotSpot questions are automatically separated by the names of the selected areas. Thus, instructors can evaluate results quickly by seeing chosen HotSpots in groups, rather than separately.

Besides the significant increase in functionality, the updated version of iSpring Learn also includes many enhancements. For example, generating and saving reports and statistics has been optimized, along with video playback on mobile devices, improved system stability, and general ease of use.

All of these functions are automatically available to users; you can evaluate them now. We wish you pleasant and productive work with the updated iSpring Learn LMS!