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New Capabilities of iSpring Learn Mobile App for iOS

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The iSpring Learn free mobile app was specifically designed for students of iSpring Learn LMS. Since it appeared, it has been constantly evolving, providing users with new opportunities. To check out the latest updates, read this article.

Authorization with login

Recently, iSpring Learn LMS allowed students to access their accounts using a login as an alternative to an email address. Today this opportunity is available not only when opening the LMS with a browser, but with the mobile app too. 

Accessing iSpring Learn LMS with the mobile app

The resume option

Now your students can resume audio/video playback from where they left it off the last time. This definitely saves time and nerves when using big audio or video files. For example, if a user is watching a long film and suddenly the Internet connection is lost, s/he won’t have to open the file from the very beginning when the Internet comes back. Instead, s/he will be able to resume the video from where it was stopped. This option works fine whether audio or video is played in online or offline mode.

The resume option in the iSpring Learn mobile app

Viewing links to external resources

Apart from standard learning materials, the account owners and administrators of iSpring Learn LMS can add links to external resources. These can be blog posts, documents in Google Docs, pages in social networks, or any other resources relevant to the course topic. Using links is recommended when the information on websites is regularly renewed.

iSpring Learn mobile app opens links right in the application, saving users from having to open a browser. Just like with other learning content, you can view statistics on external links.

The link to external resources in the iSpring Learn mobile app

Viewing PDFs protected with password

From now on, iSpring Learn mobile app for iOS allows users to view protected PDFs (providing that they know the password). When opening such files, the app requests users to supply a password. After receiving access, students can open a PDF document right in the app with the convenient PDF player. Alternatively, they can download it on their mobile device, so that it’s available even with no Internet connection.

Opening a protected PDF file in the iSpring Learn mobile app

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or write us at We’re always glad to receive feedback from you!

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