Using Learner's Name in a Dialog

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With iSpring TalkMaster, you can create a personalized dialog that will use the learner’s name throughout the training.

Using Learner's Name in a Dialog

How to ask for username

A learner’s name is stored in the USER_NAME variable.

If you place your dialog on an LMS, user variables are passed to the dialog simulation automatically through the LMS, so there is no need for users to enter their details again.

If you aren’t using an LMS, and host dialogues on your website instead, users must enter their details before starting the dialog.

Turn on the option that will show the dialog login screen (Properties > Main > Ask for user information). When a user opens the dialog, s/he will be prompted to enter a name and email.

Customize the login screen

You can configure the login screen and include extra fields. They can be optional or mandatory. To configure the login screen, click Properties > Main > Ask for user information > Customize.

Customize User Information. Name Mandatory.

A field can be Optional or Mandatory. Choose Do not ask to deactivate. In this example, I deactivated all the fields except the name.

Users will see the following login screen:

TalkMaster dialog Login Screen

Use username throughout the dialog

When editing your dialog, insert %USERNAME% in messages, the character’s speech, and replies.

Use username throughout the dialog

After publishing and sharing it with a user, it will show the actual user name.

Use username throughout the dialog

Using other variables

Similar to user name, you can use any other variable in the dialog. For example, email (%USER_EMAIL%), phone number (%PHONE%), company name (%COMPANY%), etc. Just set these fields mandatory in the login screen customization as shown above

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